DIY Travel Palettes

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  • Painful, yes! And it seems the older you get, the more such ouchies you acquire, lol!


    yep, I’m 47 (may 16th) and every year is harder to acquire knowledge. I don’t even have a smart phone yet and cringe with shivers when I think of the learning curve when I finally break the bank and get an iPhone. God help me!

    Same here (iphone-wise).  At 64, I’ve got a few years on you and I dread the idea of a phone I have to learn. I’m not much of a phone person, and having to actually learn on one adds insult to injury!

    and oh my gosh it sucks so bad that i CANNOT use instagram!! Everybody I know are on instagram but I don’t have a phone with that upgrade (I don’t think,I’ll have to try taking a pic on my flip phone, LOL. I’m not a phone person either, I have it for security, if driving and breakdown or need HELP or need to phone someone when out.  I know I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and upgrade I just cannot afford to and don’t know how to handle that. If I don’t learn soon I’ll truly be left behind. Also, just not having the technology to upload from my phone is hard.

    I did find a program called Gramblr that works on my PC and laptop.  It’s a pain and doesn’t work half the time, but at least I can load some things.

    I just think it’s wonderful that you’re writing a book at all. I think going for it is the only way to live. If you don’t then you have to live with regrets and I hate regrets.

    That is true.  I’ve known so many artists who have gone with publishing companies and been gravely disappointed that I never wanted to go that route, but Createspace seems like a good deal.  You still share your profits, but you don’t have to put any money down.  Hard to beat.

    I haven’t used them on black.  I should.  I’ve been disappointed with the result on white/ivory paper.  Mostly I use it as a finish when painting birds with iridescent feathers, but if you use too much it makes the painting too opaque.

    I think with the advent of kindle and amazon the book publishing business has exploded with people circumventing the arduous publishing industry that can poopoo your idea when actually it would be a hit if only a publisher in their arrogance would stop dismissing you. I find so much of life is pushing through with your own ideas and somehow overruling the sheeple out there. It’shard to go your own way but I think when you succeed the success is all the sweeter.

    that’s what I figured. I really stay away from opaque so I could only use them on the toned paper anyway and I’m so looking forward to being forced to use pan and ink and my watercolor pencils, charcoal etc. Not EVERYTHING is watercolor. OMG, who said that!? Hehehe. Now, if I could only get someone in the industry to send me a dip pen I’d be all set. I need a patron or sponsor. Hehehe. I wish it wasn’t all so expensive!

    That is true.  The trick is getting people to discover your book.  I have a lot of readers who are into Zentangle, and I’m hoping my fantasy landscapes will appeal to them.  If so, I have enough following me on social media that I should get  a decent response.  A publisher probably wouldn’t be happy with it, but my expectations are low.  I’ll be happy with just getting the book out there.

    I’ve actually had to put watercolor on the back burner several times this year because most of the products I’ve been getting have been notebooks, journals, pens and markers.  I did score a lot of the Stonehenge Aqua from Legion Paper though.  That was nice.  So far, I haven’t set up any relationships other than the one with them.  Well, Sakura, too, but their watercolors are definitely for art journaling.  Sometimes I use them for really rough sketches.

    homy gosh, I’d LOVE to have a relationship with Sakura! I go through their pigma microns like they’re candy. I buy them in bulk. I’ll have to try your idea about posting to their Facebook and twitter. I’ll be using a lot of them for the toned paper. I think it’s great to change, it’s all art and all creative. I can’t wait for the toned paper, I’m jonsing to get back to pen&ink and more accurate sketches. I have so many ideas it’s frightening, I know I have not enough time already. I’ll have to get up earlier. ;o) (ok, probably not!)

    i noticed you have many, many followers. I hate that when I’m asked I don’t show the numbers. My page views are about 6500 a month but my “followers” are all over the place, bloglovin’, google, linky tools etc. I also don’t have anything like the old fashioned “follow” on my blog anymore. Maybe I’ll have to add it back to my new blog. Sigh. I’m betting the tangles will be gaga for a new book. I bet it’ll do better than you think. I’d be happy to do a giveaway for you, if you think it would help! You could giveaway a piece of art or a bookmark or something with it if you want. Or maybe a whole tangling kit with book. We can spitball it later when you have the book done and you’re proud to serve it up. :o)

    (no problem if you don’t want to, just an idea)

    Be sure to check out my blog on 9/8.  I’m having a personal giveaway so I can tell people that I’m starting a FB group.  I’m giving away this cool pen case full of Pigma Microns as well as some Tombow Fudenosuke pens as well.   I’d post a pic, but it would go into the art gallery.  But here’s a link to the pen case

    I bought these for the purpose, so I can send them anywhere it’s legal.  Nobody has to join the group or anything.  I just figured it was an item that would get people to the blog, so I could tell them about it.

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