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  • For some reason the link to the cakes didn’t work.

    It’s not being lazy.  All that interacting takes time!  But these days, people want to have a relationship with people they admire or are thinking about buying from.  That’s why the companies are on social media, and even if they don’t intend to send you product, they will retweet your work or feature it, etc. if you are using their stuff.  You just have to decide how much time you can afford to spend, just like you decide how much money you have to spend.

    that’s a great idea, I have nearly NO flickr followers but post all the time. I have to go interact I guess. People like my art but don’t follow. I follow more than I’m followed. I’ll try putting giveaways up like that next time. I’m gonna have to start writing down your advice soon, your a faunt of info.

    ok, trying again.



    We’ll try one with clickable and one that’s not.

    Well, if you get me started on a subject… lol! I’ve yet to see if my techniques will pay off in cash, rather than just lots of followers.

    Still no luck with the links for some reason.  Which album is it in.  I can get to your list of albums.

    I have lots of time on my hand, I can’t work right now, I have endometrial cancer. it’s a long story but short is they said the bleeding 5 years ago couldn’t be cancer as I was too young. But the meds they gave me to stop the bleeding was an obesogen, it makes you fat. I had, at that same time figured out I had celiac disease, after more than 40 years of being undiagnosed. That had made me very over weight. When stopping the gluten (which is in EVERYTHING processed, it’s a non clumping agent, sweetener, thickener, starch, etc) I lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks. yes you read that right. I then gained almost every single pound even though I ate only 1000 calories a day. Then this januaary I figured out it must be the meds and re-researched them. 5 years ago there was nothing, now there was a huge amount of info about it working to stop bleeding but it causing huge weight gain. It’s used for cancer patients who are wasting away, making them gain weight even though they can’t eat much. When I went off the meds last Nov. I started hemorrhaging again. NOW they said it’s cancer. But I have to lose all that weight before they’ll operate!!! I know, seems unfair. So, I have six months with nothing to do but diet. It’s been a huge learning curve on how to be uber healthy. It’s working, I’ve lost almost 100 but still need more, I have asthma AND celiac so I have to be thin for them to operate or I’ll die on the table, not good. They’re no help in the weight loss stuff though.

    well it’s paying of in product! Lucky girl! I’m thinking doodle wash is playing inadvertently with the link… I’ll have to test, be back…

    flickr cakes

    I think links aren’t working in the email but if you click through to doodle wash they will?? They’re working for me… Hmmm. Go to my flickr then albums then wedding cakes.

    Wow.  I’m so sorry to hear about your situation.   It’s really hard to eat healthy.  Even if you grew all your food, drank from own well, and raised your own animals you’d still get toxins from what’s in the air and the ground.

    I do think it’s wonderful that you’ve maintained a good attitude.  It can’t be easy but it’s probably more important than the medicines! I’ve been lucky in my own health (knock on wood), but my mother has Crohn’s and I’ve had to nurse her through several episodes.  I know I had to fight to maintain a good attitude and I wasn’t even the one who was sick.  I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be.


    Okay.  I’m narrowing down the problem.  When I open up the albums, I don’t see Wedding Cakes.  Is it possible that you have it set to private or something?

    I must admit, having no support it harrowing. I can my own food, only eat organic, add everything from chaga and other ancient mushrooms, all those greens like spurlalina etc and don’t get me started on the vitamins. It’s costing a fortune but there’s no other treatment except surgery. Thank god in january I was only stage one, let’s hope all the health stuff, making gut health a priority. Only stuff I make, one of products, chicken, lentils.. etc. A lot of work but it’s the only option. Your right, everything is polluting, even the water.

    how would I change if it’s private? wish this link would work!


    easier to post them here…

    that’s one or two.

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