DIY Travel Palettes

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  • Yes! Those I can see.  Those are just gorgeous! I doubt if I’ll dump my hubby and get married again, but if I do, I know where I’ll go for my cake!

    We’ve done great damage to ourselves and the land with all our technology.

    hehehe, I was the flower artist and decorator, the cake was made by a professional that I used exclusively. I find it funny that all the time I was testing new flavors, I was celiac, every little piece of cake to tweak my unique flavors with my amazing baker made me sicker and sicker. Mom’s favorite of all time was vanilla cake with vanilla syrup and raspberry cream cheese filling in two layers and one layer of white chocolate ganache. She’s celiac too, we only figured it out this month! Of course she’s been following me in this diet/life changing journey. We share accommodations. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I’ve been so sick so many times as I healed from the celiac. It’s amazing how sick one ingredient can make you. It probably gave me this cancer.  Celiac being an autoimmune disease attacks the body, muscles, joints, brain and gut. It’s systemic and notorious. So few people understand it’s NOT a fad. I’m thrilled that people are getting better by following the GF diet but it’s not a joke to us celiacs.

    yes we have, I feel sorry for Americans right now, Trump is gonna ruin the planet.

    I know it isn’t a fad.  I don’t think it’s really that gluten is so bad.  I think it’s gluten from wheat that has been genetically manipulated and grown more for fast growth, large produce and sturdy shipment.  Our food isn’t grown to be good for eating, it is grown to be good for selling.

    you’re so right. Wheat today has seven times the gluten in it. Also, gluten is truly in almost everything except untouched on ingredient food. Now they’re changing some things but when I was diagnosed it was in marinades, deli meat, baking powder, medications, coating on fries to make crisper and look browner, butterball turkey, it’s injected and used in almost every produced product. And then there’s the cross contamination. Hundreds of years ago bread was a treat, it was hard to make, you had to grind the wheat first. Now we take everything healthy out of the grain and what we start with is grown in a soup of pesticides and is a variety that humans haven’t eaten for these hundreds of years. Did you know that the latest research is showing that alzheimer’s may be the third type of diabetes? Diabetes of the brain. They think it may be exacerbated by all the nitrates in our food as a preservative. The incidence of alzheimer’s has risen in the same relation as nitrates in our food. So scary.

    Did you know that there is a close relationship between bed comforters and art supplies? It’s like six degrees of separation where you relate one actor to another by the movies they’ve appeared in.  I was shopping Tuesday morning to look at comforters and I saw this tin that I could make into a travel palette.  So the degrees of separation are:  shopping for comforters – seeing a candy tin – thinking I could make a travel palette – I WANT more art supplies – tin becomes new art supply.  Perfectly logical.  And the jelly-beans that came in the tin.  Well, I threw those away.  You know, as in ‘Over the teeth, Past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!’

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! And can you guess what my response was? WHAT TIN??? LOL, so that means we both have a disorder… hoarder hoarder hoarder disorder – sub section of the DSM5, Art supplies. Hehehe. (DSM= diagnostic & statistical manual) I love your use of a round tin, very creative!

    Lol! Addicts.  We’re addicts!  I’ve seen round plastic containers like this, and a few round ones with expensive candy, but this was only $1.99 so I went for it.  I’m glad it was only $1.99 because I probably would have gone for it even if it was more expensive.

    totally addicted. sometimes I’m actually thankful to be poor, lol or I’d be buried up to the neck in art supplies

    This is a great idea. Thank you.

    My lapis must be a dud because it’s a dull  gray blue grey. I somehow ended up with several amythest and serpentine when I saw they were discontinued.


    Angela, with some of the granulating colors you have to use quite a bit of water to get the separation.  The paper can make a difference as well – it needs to have some tooth for the particles to settle into.  I’m not sure about the Lapis but I know Daniel Smith’s Lunar Blue is like a totally different paint depending on how you are using it.  It isn’t a Primatek, but it acts similarly.

    great point Sandra. I also think I remember hearing from Katie Powell that Lapis seems to change a lot tube to tube. Not sure if that’s right but I think I remember reading that on her site.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.  The quality of the mineral itself probably varies as it is mined.


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