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  • Since I do so many dog drawings, I can’t keep putting them into the ‘Favorites Pen and Ink’ because they can’t all be favorites, can they?


    How adorable! Love this pup!

    I think you can keep putting all the dog drawings as favorites! Your new favorite might replace an older favorite. Keep them coming!

    Thank you, Delores! It’s hard to go wrong with a French Bulldog.  They always have such cute expressions.

    Lol!  Thank you, Margaret.  I’ll keep that in mind – because dogs seem to be my favorite thing to draw for my husband’s lunch bag.

    I love that look of slight befuddlement that babies, of all kinds, get.

    These are so beautiful. I am melting into a puddle. I am a “dog person” and I find your dog drawings so expressive. What kind of ink do you use? And what kind of tool. A very pleasing colorful result.


    @marie-trope-zanzal, Thank you! These are done with Zebra Pen Sarasa Fineliners on Hahnemühle Watercolour Postcards (the ones with the rough surface).  Because of the rough surface, the Fineliners get a broken line that lets you achieve a wide range of values and easily blend colors.  It’s become my favorite way of drawing.  I do a 4×6 postcard to put into my hubby’s lunch bag each work day.  I can do one of these drawings in about an hour, so I use the technique quite often.

    Another of my fineliner pen drawings – a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

    Gorgeous paintings Sandra, I love them.

    Thank you, Ann!

    They are all beautiful. each in their own different way….it is very hard to choose a favourite    well done Sandra

    Thank you very much, Tao!

    This would definitely be a favorite.  There so so much character expressed.   🙂

    Thank you!

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