Doodlewash discount offer

  • Hi everyone, William here from Vintage Paper Co in Orkney, Scotland.

    We’ve teamed up with Charlie and DW to create a special offer in the DW shop for some of our vintage handmade watercolour paper.

    25 dw points gets you a 25% discount voucher for our WSH vintage handmade paper. 

    WSH offer

    WSH papers were handmade in the 1950s in Somerset, England, by a company called WS Hodgkinson and Co using pure cotton rag and sized with gelatine. The handmade paper is available in 150gsm 72lb and 180gsm 90lb and there’s also a heavyweight mould-made 300gsm 167lb paper (made in the 60s).

    These sheets won’t necessarily suit everyone’s tastes or techniques due to the weight, fiber and sizing but I think they’re certainly worthwhile trying but saying that, from the feedback we’ve had we’re confident that you’ll enjoy using them.

    Prices after the discount start at $2.25 for a small trial pack and up to $17.71 (after discount) for a 12 pack of Quarter Imperial sheets. Postage is not included in the offer but is charged at cost.

    This offer is a one-use, 25% discount code but you will also be given a lifetime 10% discount for subsequent purchases across our range of paper.

    Once you’ve received your code you’ll need to enter it into the discount box when checking out. This is where you find it:


    If you need any help please feel free to contact me either through doodlewash or directly at

    Best wishes, William.

    William, I attempted to make a purchase but, when I put the code in the discount box, I get a message saying that it can’t be matched.

    Have sent you a private message 🙂

    This is a great offer. Thank you.

    You’re very welcome!  🙂


    vintage paper is such a cool idea, thanks for the discount.

    You’re very welcome.

    I’d like to see as many people as possible try out these wonderful papers.

    If anyone needs any help with anything just message me here or directly at


    Best wishes, William

    Owner, Vintage Paper Co.

    Sounds great, thank you


    Just orderēd,
    WSH Mould-made 300gsm 167lb A5 10 sheet pack

    Discount code not working

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