Drawing with watercolours


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  • Hello! If you would like to develop or improve your drawing skills, here is an excellent solution that I received for Christmas from my hubby and would really like to recommend it to you. It is the NeoLucida XL camera, which is affordable and definitely very useful. I did some first experimentation with the NeoLiucida XL and wrote down all my experiences here “Optical Aids for Drawing: Take It or Leave It!” — link: https://violetad.com/2017/12/26/optical-aids-for-drawing-take-it-or-leave-it/

    Enjoy the video and photos!

    Thank you for the link and the video! I’ve heard of these devices but never seen one used before.  I’m not sure I’d have a good place to set one up, but it’s definitely something I’d like to have if I could find a place.

    I’ve seen pictures of these but have never used one.


    I’ve seen pictures and  information on these! They are so cool, nice to see they work. Your hubby is one smart buyer. :o) Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for watching, Sandra @sandra-strait, Sharon @sharonnolfi and Jennifer @jennifer-mclean !

    Sharing my experience with the NeoLucida is a real pleasure 🙂 Regarding the space, it requires 1 cm2 of stable surface for clamping it on, although I do not want it in my painting area either. I will be reorganising my painting desk today, in order to create some dedicated space for experimenting with this tool, plus with watercolors.

    Thank you for the video Violeta,I have never heard of this drawing aid,very cool,I checked out other info on line,it seems to be a pretty useful. Enjoy..

    Hi Pamela @pamela-smith, it looks very useful to me too. I’ll keep you posted, while I still have lots of interest for the thing 🙂

    I appreciate seeing it in action, I can now understand why I’d want one! Really appreciated!

    Thank you for sharing this information!  I’ve ordered  one – Will save so much time getting the proportions right quickly, and then the rest can take place at leisure!

    Thanks for sharing the video! I would be interested in buying one. One of the reviews I read stated that it was almost impossible to use as the person wore glasses, which seemed to present a problem. Any comments? Do you wear glasses to see? If so, did it present any problems? Thanks.

    Hello Fantine, I’m glad that you can see the advantages of using optical devices for facilitating drawing. As I read after receiving my lucida as a present, the new camera NeoLucida is the result of redesigning and improving several older models of lucida, and is assembled by combining some simple materials in order to make the lucida affordable.

    Let’s stay in touch for the future ideas and experiences on how to make the best use of our lucidas 🙂

    Hi Susan, I’m not wearing glasses, so please check for more information on their website or forum. Thanks!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    @donna-giannattasio You’re welcome, Donna 🙂

    Violeta, would this device work for tracing a drawing or would it only pick up 3D objects?  I do step-by-step tutorials and find it time-consuming and difficult to make each step look like the last.  This looks like it would be easier than trying to trace or transfer each step.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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