Drying watercolor

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  • Like most watercolorists, I sometimes use a hairdryer to dry my paint while I’m waiting to start another area of the painting.  I’m never quite happy with it though – it tends to be too fierce for my liking.

    The other day I spotted this on ebay and sent off for it.  Its got a reservoir of water and a misting spray and also a small fan.  I’m really pleased with it as I can use to spray my paint pans before using them to loosen the pigment and I can also use the fan to dry small areas of paint without damaging the wash.  Its about 10 inches tall.

    mister - spray

    I suppose it could also be used for cooling me down on hot days but we don’t get many of those in England!

    This is a pretty cool item.  What a good idea.


    Very interesting!

    Great idea. Thanks!

    I just bought one for myself!


    Great idea!  Just saw a display of those somewhere and wish I had purchased one!

    That’s an awesome gadget!  Thank you, Tom! 🙂

    Mary, if you haven’t already found them, they are on Amazon.


    I have one that plugs into my computer, works great! On hot days it’s a must. Now all we need are some hot days back!

    Did you get the snow and freezing rain that we got (or maybe you get it all the time this time of year). We don’t get much but everything shuts down when we do because we aren’t used to it.  So our first snow of the year started Christmas Eve and made driving hazardous until mid-Christmas day.  Sure was pretty though.  I hated it. ***scrooge***

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