Fatima at work

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  • Trying out this site for the first time: hoping we can use this forum to share some of the work-in-progress photos leading to the final portrait as well as the original photo, if there is one.  As I have not yet begun on a new portrait, I will “practice” using this site by posting photos from my most recent portrait. Note to self: I will need to be more careful about taking photos under similar lighting conditions in the future.

    Not sure if you can see it, but the final painting has more reds added to it.


    Hi Shar, just tried loading multiple pics with the same result as you (only last one showed, and I’ve since deleted it). I’m not too worried about the newsfeed, but if it worries you then maybe we should just knock it on the head. I know I’m rubbish at taking WIPs pics anyway. Perhaps Charlie can help with the loading issues?


    I also was able to delete my post from the Newsfeed.  But it is still here in the Forum, which is both good and curious.  I guess if we have to do it that way, it works.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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