fav art supply and why

  • What is the one art supply that you use in your water color art that you cannot do without? And why is it your favorite? 🙂

    It’s hard to pick just one item. I’d have to say my paints because I can find any surface to paint and I can paint with my fingers, if need be, but I can’t paint without paint.

    This is very true Donna. The more watercolor supplies I use the more that I adore. lol.  But I do find that various paints or paper,… do different things so I enjoy what the various things offer. 🙂

    @springscreation so true, Lisa. The more you experiment with different papers and paints, the more you find what works best with each. Some paints work better with some papers. They just pair well…for your style. There really isn’t one right formula. 🙂

    Agree that it’s hard to choose one of the paint/paper/brush triad, but I’ll try to do ONE of each:

    Paint: DS Moonglow because it’s so versatile (but I’d miss my DS Burnt Sienna!)
    Paper: Arches CP–I can live without it because I have less expensive papers, but rather not.
    Brush: My Silver Black Velvet Brush #10 because of the great point and ability to hold water.

    Ask me again tomorrow and I might give different answers!!

    Oh, Susan. You are so right about DS moon glow. I just discovered it and I use it on almost everything! LOL Maybe the fascination will wear off, but for now, I’m enjoying that color.

    I am not familiar with the moonglow. Something new to check out i see lol.  🙂

    An excellent tutorial using only Moonglow was just posted on YouTube by Art Hive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3e95zKD91o&t=0s

    I’m up for doing a swap, I have lots of DS Moonglow to share!

    Swap of Daniel Smith watercolors

    Cool thanks for the tutorial. i will have a look and see what i think 🙂

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