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  • Now that Inktober is over I’ve started working on something I’ve wanted to do all month but didn’t have the time to dedicate myself to it.   I want to do a fall leaves painting using negative painting and layers.

    I’ve watched 2 videos I’m going to try and incorporate into my painting linked below but if you have any tips or tricks to add, please feel free to jump in with your advice!

    All negative painting – Combining Watercolor Techniques: Negative Painting with Salt and Saran by TheHomeGrownArtist:

    Negative and Positive Painting – Transparent Watercolor Narrated Tutorial: Understanding Negative Painting by Rick Surowicz Watercolor


    Thanks!   Tom

    Thank you for the links!

    Thanks for the links, Tom.  Look forward to seeing your negative painting work.  Had a tough time visualizing negative painting until I watched someone demo painting a white picket fence, only they were painting it negatively so they were painting the negative space around the pickets.  Sometimes it takes awhile for techniques to take hold in this brain of mine.  When I finally did “get it” it was one of those slap yourself on the forehead moments.

    Hi Thomas,

    The second I read you’re gonna try negative painting I thought of Brenda Swenson. Here are three links on youtube that I hope help you. Good luck, it’s something I want to learn too… Damn my bucket list is longer than my arm!!

    Thanks Jennifer.  I’ve enjoyed Brenda Swenson for a while.

    I love Negative painting, but I do lose my way with it sometimes, even following instructions.  It can be hard to make your brain see that way.  Well worth the effort to make it do so, though!

    I am not super happy with my results so far but I think it’s due to my paper choice.  I tried this on Arches Rough.  I have only used cold press before and I am finding my details less accurate.  Anyway I’m still going at it and will try to finish it as something I like.  It’s interesting it nothing else.   I’ll have to try again on cold press.

    Are you giving your work enough time? With rough paper, the first washes are going to sink in so you may need more layers before it starts to look like something good.  I love rough paper but it does make you live through that ugly duckling phase longer than most!

    Yes.  I’m nearing the end and adding some darks in and I’m liking it more and more with the contrasting values.

    I was hoping that would be the case.  If you aren’t used to rough paper it’ll fool ya every time.  I have to keep reminding myself of that when I use it, lol.


    Thanks Tom,very interesting technique…I think that using the template would be less confusing and may try it sometime..

    Well I figured I’d post the attempt in this thread in addition to my folio.  I want to try it again on cold press.

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