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    I’m having real difficulties using the new pen and ink forum, because of the disconnect between an image I post and the feedback I receive. Is this because I should be posting a new topic when I post an image? Rather than continuing the thread?


    Agreed… this is all rather experimental! 😉 I think, yes, it’s always good to post a new topic as these forums can get long and tough to follow, and that said, I’m actually opening up the main gallery to pen & ink as well, and allowing pen & ink for the April Art Challenge. It is Doodlewash after all! World Watercolor Group will always be dedicated to only lovely watercolor, of course, but it’s time for Doodlewash Club to start living up to its name. So, post a separate topic in the forum if you like or if you just want to share your pen & ink work, feel free to use the main gallery, now titled “Watercolor Painting & Sketching” 😉


    Thanks Charlie. I just thought it was my dotage catching up with me LOL


    Lol! I feel like that every day! But yep, Doodlewash is basically now officially what it has always been Watercolor Painting AND Sketching! 😉

    Sandra Strait

    Yay! The forums are nice for having a place to discuss topics, but I’m glad that that the main gallery is open now.  Is that for just pen & ink or for pen & ink and sketching?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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