Giveaway – 1000 DO points to 5 people

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  • I’ve been lucky, and have had time to accumulate lots of DO points.  I’ve already scored some wonderful stuff and I think it’s only fair to distribute some of my luck.

    If you’ve noticed, Charlie has now made it possible for members to give away DO points to other members.  I’ve wanted to do this for a while and YAY! now I can.  You might also notice that there is some of the new Hahnemühle Harmony watercolor paper available.  I’ll be reviewing that in a week or two, but thought I’d share some of the work I’ve done on it, below.

    But now-the Giveaway

    What’s the prize?  I’m giving away 1000 points each to five people.

    How do you enter?  Just comment below.  Only one entry per person, please.

    When does the giveaway end? This Saturday, April 28th, 11:59 Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

    Who can enter?  Currently, items in the DO points shop can only be shipped to the U.S. & Canada, so this giveaway is only for U.S. and Canadian members.  I am sorry about that.

    Everyone who comments will be assigned a number based on the order of their comment. On Sunday, I’ll use to pick five winners and will use Charlie’s widget to move the DO points to their accounts.

    …And now about the Harmony Cold-Pressed paper that is now available in the shop…

    It’s an Alpha Cellulose paper.  It’s sturdy – that chess painting was my destruction piece.  I used masking fluid, masking tape, loads of water, heavy glazes, heavy, heavy lifting – I scrubbed with a paper towel.  I managed to smear paint and mess up the shapes of the chess pieces, but by gum, the paper pilled a little and the colors stayed bright and crisp.

    The penguins were done with Brusho crystals – you shake them onto wet paper and swirl them around.  I used so much water there were standing pools.  I didn’t tape, staple or clip the paper down, but there was only a little curl and just a bit of dimpling.  I was able to flatten it out almost completely once it dried.

    The tree was painted using hand-made paints, and with this one I was actually testing the paint more than the paper, but everything I tried worked.

    The colors are bright, it handles lots of water well, it’s sturdy, holds up to lifting and allows you to build up great values – the Harmony’s a plus in my book!  Good luck with the giveaway.

    What a nice giveaway, to share your DO points! Yay!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Harmony review. Thanks.

    What a sweet idea Sandra! I don’t need more points, I have plenty, but some points to spend will surely brighten someone’s day. Good luck all! A new paper review! That’s a reward for me LOL!


    Great idea Sandra. I did ask Charlie if I could donate some points/materials to a charity for children in the USA to do art, as I will never be able to spend my points.

    This is awesome

    you know I love that chess board! I haven’t gotten around to trying the Harmony watercolor paper but will soon. thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway for points 🙂 it’s very generous

    Thank you, Susan! Good luck!

    Thank you, Julia! I know a lot of people would interact more if they only had the chance so this only seems fair.

    Brusho is fun to play with, I bought one little jar recently and wish for more. Not that I need more paint or anything…

    Rebecca I bought 3 jars at the Art Extravaganza in Oregon City a couple of weeks ago, and then a friend gave me some more.  I’ve been resisting playing with them more because I’ve got so many reviews to do, but I’m eager to play with them some more.

    Nice giveaway Sandra. Very thoughtful and generous of you.

    Very nice of you to “share” Sandra.  And it would be very nice for my Birthday on April 28!   ; )

    obviously don’t enter me, but I just wanted to say I officially think you’re awesome.  I’ll have to follow suit soon. :o)


    Sandra, despite my comment, please do not enter me either.  Just realizing my “position.”   : )

    Thank you, June!

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