Hahnemühle Calendar 2018

  • The doorbell rang and by the time I answered, no one was there! But a huge package sat waiting.  I checked the address and saw that it was from Hahnemühle.  I was expecting a Nostalgie sketchbook, but this box was waaay too big, and yet too light for that.

    Well, I already spoiled the surprise with my title didn’t I? Every year Hahnemühle has a calendar contest where people submit art.  You can’t buy the calendar – only win it in their giveaways or receive it as I did, as a gift!

    It’s approx. 18 x 25 inches (HUGE!), printed on fabulous thick paper and filled with gorgeous artwork.  I put an envelope at the bottom so you can get an idea of the size.  I recommend that we watch out for the contest next year and see if we can fill it with art from Doodlewash members!

    Thank you to Carol and Hahnemühle!  I’m thrilled with my gift!


    What lovely artwork on the calendar.  I hope you start each month by sharing the image on the calendar. Maybe stir the creative juices or pangs of envy in my case LOL

    Looks fantastic!

    Nice surprise,,,please share each month and I bet your work will be on a page in 2018.

    What a nice surprise! Great way to start each month with a beautiful watercolour!

    I’ll try to remember and do that. It will give everyone an idea of what to think about for their own entries!


    It is beautiful and beautifully presented.

    Thank you! There were 12 winners out of 750 entries, so I won’t get my hopes high for next year, but if the theme is right I’ll certainly give it a try!

    It was a wonderful surprise – and I’m looking forward to enjoying the artwork every month!

    I just saw that Hahnemühle’s Christmas Competition #4 has the prize of one their ‘Hahnemühler Calendar 2018 ‘Maritim’’.  I’m not sure if the giveaway is international or not, but I can tell you, these are beautiful calendars.

    the calendar looks great, hope I get one from Carol. They’re gorgeous and I love that you can only get one through a gift. :o)

    Ooh wouldn’t that be great!!? Hopefully they’ll choose a great new topic that Sandra and I can contribute to. I’d be honored, you too I’m guessing, Sandra.

    I definitely would be honored to be featured in the calendar next year.  I’ll have to go back and see when they hold the competition.  Sometime in the summer I think.

    I’d be totally in. We should plan to try and participate!

    Maybe if they choose “nature” as their theme it would cover what we both love to paint, me fruit & veg and you animals! DONE. hehehehe.

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