Hahnemühle Calendar 2018

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  • That would suit me!

    Hey, Wet Paint is having a Facebook giveaway for one of the Hahnemuehle 2018 Calendars.


    I’m gonna go enter. I haven’t received one, I’m worried that the shipping to Canada is too much and one’s not coming. I think you got to be the one that mom likes best, Sandra, lol. ;o)

    awww, US residents only. :o(


    I doubt I’m the one that mom loves best, but I think that fact that I’ve been doing the Art for Hubby’s Lunchbag on  Hahnemuehle postcards nearly every day has put me at the upper end of the good children’s list.

    Bummer! I didn’t look to see what the rules were since I wasn’t actually entering.  I’d keep an eye open at  Hahnemuehle  in case they have giveaways for anymore of them.



    I tried twice to enter the Hahnemühle Calendar international competition and was nowhere within 400+ entries at that time. I remember it was the first time when I wanted to stop buying anything Hahnemühle. And I still want to stop it (despite a fact that I’m using Hahnemühle watercolor paper almost every day 🙁 ).
    Btw, I’m talking about @Hahnemühle_Germany!

    Violeta, I’m not sure how the competition works and if it’s international since I only recently became aware of it.  I’ll have to go back and see if I can find the rules.  I’ll be sad if I can’t enter.  I don’t particularly think I would win, it would just be fun to try!

    Sandra, it is international for sure. I think they will open the next competition in Summer 2018. We can keep each other updated via Doodlewash.

    Violeta, that sounds like a good plan to me!

    This is the January page of the Hahnemuehle 2018 Calendar.  Sorry, it’s a bit crooked.  It’s hard to get it on and off the wall, and I’m more than a bit wobbly trying to hold my camera still for the shot.  And I’m always that way.  It had nothing to do with how much I drank last night.  Nothing, I tell you….

    Wet Paint is having a Facebook giveaway for one of these, but it ends today.  I think it is USA only.

    Thanks for posting about the calendar contest … I just got word from Marketing Communications that I won a calendar!  🙂  Great way to start the year!!

    Congratulations, Tom!  Way to go.  You’re going to love it.

    The competition for the 2019 Hahnemühle Calendar Contest has started! The rules and conditions can be found here


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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