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  • I tested with the Hahnemühle Carnet de Voyage (the Bamboo Journal — full review with pics here), and full disclosure, this was as they sent it to me.  I like bound journals, and as this is a sturdy spiral bound journal so I am not likely to buy this one, though  I love the paper!  Oh please please make this bamboo paper into a bound journal!  I love Hahnemühle’s green policies, and this is a renewable resource.

    I used several materials that I often use to see what this paper could take:
    masking fluids, inks in line-work and as grisaille/brunaille, and layers of watercolor!

    The paper performed well with the nib!

    Four layers of wet ink washes (grisaille) and watercolor were added, and no feathering or lifting of fibers. Yay!

    I patiently wait for the piece to dry before popping off the masking fluid — and the paper did not lift.

    I LOVE this paper!  Love it!  If you like spiral bound journals I recommend.

    Oh, I’ll probably have to buy this one as well, lol.  It looks like it takes watercolor well.  I’m a leftie so I have mixed feelings about spiral notebooks.  If the paper is able to turn easily and doesn’t slop around because it is too loose, and the coil isn’t so large that it gets in the way… well, generally I do prefer bound.  But I have a few spiral-bound books that I like better than my bound ones.

    Sandra if we meet up I can give you a few sheets to play with… and you can see the binding.  Teh binding is small, which is nice.

    Thanks for the review. I do like spiral bound so it works for me.

    That sounds great.  I’ll have to see if I can scrounge up some interesting papers for you.  Have you tried the Stonehenge Aqua, Strathmore Aquarius II, Strathmore Gemini or Strathmore Imperial?


    The only Strathmore I’ve used is the pads from Michael’s…  I think I have samples from Stonehenge but they are all colored papers.

    The spiral is small, which I also like — you are not wrestling a humongous metal thang!

    I’ll bring some of each.  Probably only odd sizes because I think I’ve bound most into journals.  I don’t think Michaels carries anything beyond Strathmore’s 400 series, which is still student.  Their 500 range is the professional and much better paper.  The Aquarius II is a blend of synthetic and cotton and only 80 lb.  Despite that it handles nicely, and has an interesting texture.  I like it for making my own watercolor journals.


    Thanks for this review.

    You are welcome… It is great paper!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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