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  • Grey Book HahnemuhleI’ve had some serious fun learning the best techniques when using toned paper in the last few months. When I got the idea to compare and contrast the most available brands, I hadn’t realized how totally addictive making art on toned paper would be. I am so grateful to the companies who provided product for these reviews. Hahnemühle generously sent two Grey Book sketchbooks, one of each size, A4 (8″x12″) & A5 (6″x8″).

    Each sketchbook has 40 acid free sheets/80 pages. The 120 gsm paper is a fully opaque light grey color. I found that I could not see though the paper, even using bright light and no pen work showed through at all. This allows for use of both sides of a sheet. The paper is best used with dry media like watercolor pencils, pencil crayons, fountain pens, acrylic markers, graphite and other waterbased pens. I also used a Signo white gel pen for highlights if the white watercolor pencil wasn’t white enough. The paper is so wonderfully smooth, it took many layers… READ MORE

    hyper realistic eraser

    Fantastic review! Hahnemühle is soooo generous and their paper is soooo good.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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