Hahnemuhle Paper

  • Is it because I have never used 300 lb paper before that I LOVED the sample I received from Doodlewash during World Watercolor Month ????????    BIG thanks again to Charlie and sponsors.I am anxious to try the 140 lb now.

    Awww that’s so wonderful to hear!! Hahnemühle makes such wonderful paper. So glad you’re enjoying it! I’m totally addicted to their awesome watercolour books as well and highly recommend them. Best I’ve found for sketching with watercolor.

    Hands down my favorite journals, both Nostalgie (sketching but can take quite a good wash, shown) and their Watercolor journal.  Wetpaintart.com carries them in the USA.  I do wish they’d make a square format bound journal but that is just my thing.


    Nostalgie sketchbook with a lot of watercolor!


    This is their Bamboo Carnet de Voyage… amazing PAPER and good for the environment!

    BTW, image by Winna Jill Mordasky (member here).

    I’m with you. They make the only 300# paper that I like. Their Cezanne 140# is absolutely fantastic, and their watercolor books/sketchbooks are my favorite also. Just a fantastic company overall!

    I can’t wait to try out my paper.  With the wildfire that was going on about 15 miles away and the humidity of end of summer, I was finding that my paint dried so fast I could hardly get the brush out of it in time, lol.  I decided I couldn’t really evaluate a new paper properly until that changed.  Luckily, both for my painting, and for the putting out of a huge fire, it started raining this week, so I hope to try me some Hahnemühle this weekend!

    I’m glad all has ended well. We have trouble with wildfires around here, and they can be scary!

    They’re rare here, this close to the population.  This one was started by kids throwing smoke bombs off of a tourist trail. *sigh*  Some of our biggest tourist attractions have been scorched, but it could have been worse.

    I won the Hahnemuhle Cezanne 140 lb paper (thanks again Charlie!) through doodlewash during World Watercolor Month, and have really enjoyed it. But so far I have not found a distributor in Canada. sigh.

    Hopefully some of the Canadian distributors of fine art supplies will join the community and take note of what the Canadians want!

    That would be fabulous. Fingers crossed.

    Hahnemühle watercolor sheets, block and watercolor books are now available at Cheap Joe’s (online only).



    Yes, Sandra, but Cheap Joe’s doesn’t have cheap shipping, I’m afraid. Usually the shipping cost is more than the item cost, then add in the exchange rate………it’s just too expensive when I can purchase a block of Arches for less/sheet.

    A 9×12 Hahnemuhle 140 lb is $31.99 for 10 sheets, before shipping and the exchange rate.

    A 9×12 block of Arches 140 lb is $54.49 for 20 sheets, plus I can get free shipping in Canada if I spend  $75.00 or more. ( and, as you know, when it comes to art supplies, that’s NOT a problem lol!)  So, no contest as I’ll be using Arches once my Hahnemuhle runs out.

    I’ll admit I only shop there when I’m buying a large order and usually when they are having one of their specials.


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