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  • I did a review of YouTangle.art tiles today!

    My one regret is I didn’t get my hands on them before Inktober began!
    These are perfect for Inktober — 3.5 x 3.5 inch, 310 gsm weight cards made for ink, small enough that you can easily do a drawing a day!  Sadly, only 25 cards to a tin… dang, have to buy TWO.
    *i would so hate to have to find a use for two tins… sarcasm, see bottom*

    They are lovely for use with fountain pens, shown here in a sketch yesterday at PSU.  The smooth bright white paper shows off pen and ink!  Day 15 Inktober sketches — actually, all of these!

    Markers, in this case Pitt pens and brush pens from Tombow, worked wonderfully on the paper.
    With rounded edges, acid free and age resistant paper, it has no printing on the back so both sides can be used for mark-making.  And, the surfaces appear identical front to back.
    So did all manner of pencils and crayons.

    *i can imagine using the tiles to make love-notes for mitchell,
    stashing them in a book he is reading or on his keyboard or in his guitar strings… 
    hearts and a salutation on one side, image on the other!*

    I tried watercolor over a second sketch of carrots…
    The traditional watercolor didn’t love the paper, and what might be bright paints
    ended up a bit washed out because the paper absorbed the paint.
    *nix wet watercolor…. oh well, I didn’t think that would work!*

    Then I tried liquid watercolors and inks in a waterbrush,  and the Platinum Japanese Art Pocket Brush Pen.  The latter was a dream!  The delivery of liquid water colors worked better — maybe the even delivery of saturated color?  This is one way I might color them if I am doing middle-of-the-night drawings.

    I clip them at the edges so they stay flat when I am
    using wet materials — then they dry flat!

    *oooooh, then there is the tin… i popped 15 full pans in the tin…
    did i say i loved to make home-made tin palettes?*

    Note I asked Hahnemühle for these so that I could try and review…
    It makes no nevermind in my truth-telling.
    Also, Sandra Strait did a nice review on the tiles too…
    And popped 25 half-pans in her tin… maybe she will show us here again!

    Also, Sandra is doing a giveaway right now for a YouTangle.art tin!

    Great review! I added the link to my current giveaways, and I’ll add it to the two that are coming up in November.  Here is the photo of the tin filled with half-pans.

    Sandra pointed out the link to my actual post is not working.  It is (though you can see it all here) https://dkatiepowellart.me/2017/10/15/youtangle-inktober-review/

    Thanks Sandra… can’t edit but not sure what happened!

    One of the many mysteries of the internet.  It’s impossible to know why some links just don’t work.


    Great review. I think I like the tins better than the paper.

    Tins last forever….. FULL of paints!

    All the paint! All the paint! All the paint!

    (Imagine the Sarah Jessica Parker Sanderson sister from Hocus Pocus, amok-bouncing here.)

    ‘Tis true!  I do like the paper, but I’ll be using the tin forever.

    Eliz… hahahahaha

    IF if were a zentangle person I think I’d like these better… I like watercolor — though the liquid watercolor works well… I am already using  them to write Mitchell love notes — better than postits!  Can’t share tho — his eyes only!!  I have two tins and may save 31 for next year’s Inktober!

    What a fun review! Can’t wait to try.

    Well, a lot of the Zentangle people swear by the Fabriano (Tiepolo, I think. I can never remember for sure) tiles.  I do like them, but I like the smoother paper better.  And I don’t like that you can’t use both sides because of the Zentangle logo.

    I use the small 1-inch pans  as tiny mixing areas in tins I change up for palettes, like the YouTangle. http://www.merriartist.com/empty_square_metal_pans_p/bl44949.htm

    I meant to ask you about those pans.  I’ll have to buy some.

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