Hahnemühle YouTangle.art Tiles

  • I know! Me too, I haven’t been this busy since… EVER. I never have enough time in the day, I work probably 18 hours a day on something business related, even if it’s just keeping up with social media to push business. Trying to build a business is hard. :o)

    I don’t even have the excuse of trying to build a business, lol.  I’m just crazy!

    I finally cracked the code on how to do watercolor on the Hahnemuhle youtangleart tiles… making cards for Mitchell.

    I clip the edges and go in several times with the watercolor layers. It gets all puffy and when it dries it dries nearly flat.

    The inexpensive paper doesn’t work like watercolor but I like the effect.

    YouTangle: Notes for Mitchell

    So cool, Kate! I’ve limited my watercolor on these tiles to very simple washes.  I’ll have to experiment more.

    Clipping the corners securely did the trick!

    lol about this whole post. I ADORE making palettes out of tins. Square ones are my favorites!

    Karen welcome to the making-palettes club!  And these make such great little palettes!

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