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     Sandra Strait 

    Many of you are probably familiar with the Handprint website.  It has a little bit of everything you might want to know about watercolor.  In fact, you can feel a bit overwhelmed by the mass of it, lol.  But if you are looking for substitute colors, or wonder how to test a new paper – or just almost anything you will probably find information here.

    The only downside is that it hasn’t been updated for quite a long time so some of the information – especially regarding brand pigments – is outdated.  But there’s still some real gold here for those willing to do a little mining.

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     Kate Powell 

    I finally PDF’d the dang thing… it is an amazing “book” on watercolors, the best there is… saved me money too, understanding pigments and duplicating colors.  I mention it so much on my blgo and yet I think people are overwhelmed by it.  They just should chunk in and start learning!

     Sandra Strait 

    That’s what I did.  I would go when I had a question, find the relevant area and soak it all in.  These days I mostly refer to it when I don’t have a certain color and want as close as possible from what I have.  I also refer back to it for the names of artists when I’m looking to try a new color palette, and want to see what others have used.

    It’s a fantastic site.


     Prashant Maru 

    U  doing so great.. Inspiring topics

     Jennifer McLean 

    I’ve used it many times but I have to admit, I do find it overwhelming


     Sandra Strait 

    Jennifer,  there are parts of the site that I tend to stay away from because it just has too much to take in.  But I don’t think there is another site that comes close to being as helpful!

     Beverly Wong-Kleinjan 

    Thank you so much for sharing a link to this site. It’s the first time I’m seeing it. What a great resource!

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