Help with a printer?

  • Hello my name is Chris and I’m looking for a printer for my wife hoping someone could help me. What my wife wants to do is digitally draw her line work and then print it off and be able to use watercolor pant over the line work without the line work bleeding and make large enough prints ,11×17, and be able to handle the thicker watercolor paper.


    I am finding it very difficult to determine which printers can handle thicker-weight paper.
    I use HP LaserJet and they have an option for heavier paper up to 150gsm which is 67lb. I use an acid-free off white 140gsm paper for my album sheet needs. I’m happy with the printer but now the rollers have worn out and it needs a good service.

    I’d recommend checking out models like the Epson SureColor P800 or the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000. Good luck finding the perfect one!

    For watercolor paper, you should look for a printer that can handle thicker paper weights, such as 140lb or higher. Secondly, it’s better with a printer that uses pigment-based inks rather than dye-based inks. Pigment-based inks are more resistant to water and fading, which will ensure that the line work doesn’t bleed when watercolor is applied over it. I recommend Canon PIXMA PRO-100 which is capable of handling thick paper weights up to 110lb. Or HP Envy 4520 that uses pigment-based inks and can handle print sizes up to 8.5×11 inches.

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