Holbein Antique "IRIDORI" Watercolors

  • Holbein’s Antique “IRIDORI” Watercolors…
    not to be confusd with other Holbein paints, which I like just fine!

    AAACK, mediochre paint alert!

    Be glad if you didn’t buy them before they discontinued them
    (I think everywhere).
    Cracked into itty bitty pieces in the pan, and dull.
    Huge waste of resources (meaning my money!)

    Ignore the bad paper in the bottom image…
    I am using them in the Sketchbook Project just to see how they work.
    I have to really wet them and mix them to make them smooth washes.

    If anyone loves them and want them contact me!

    Thanks for the alert, Kate.  I’ve often wondered about these paints and probably would have bought some sooner or later.  I’ll know better now.

    Hi Kate! Thanks for the review. I am intrigued, nonetheless! Do you still have the paints? Do you still want to get rid of them? Mimi

    I did — I passed them on to a friend… I kept my small cracked pans of them just in case I wanted to fool with them.

    Thanks for letting me know!

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