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  • Hi folks. Last night I inadvertently posted 2 “Foggy” photos. Don’t know how I did it, but now that it is there, how do I delete the second photo.

    On a similar vein: when posting “crunchy,” I first chose the original photo. When I realized my error, I deleted it, and chose the painting. But when I “posted,” the original photo was still present. So I need to delete that as well.

    Any help will be much appreciated.


    I had a photo post twice yesterday as well.  Only time that has happened, but it must be a glitch or something we do in a specific way that causes it. To delete a photo:

    Go to your Artwork page and click on the photo you want to remove.  It will open up in its own window.  At the bottom of that window, you’ll see a trash can.  Click on that and your photo will be deleted.

    Sandra, thank you! I was able to remove the original photo for Crunchy.

    However, now I have a different problem. When I removed the “2nd” copy of “Foggy,” I lost the whole thing. It is showing up neither on my wall, nor on my “art wall.” But, it shows that I have “20” art postings, which is what it would be with “Foggy.”


    Are you seeing a load more+ at the bottom of the page?  If you are, click on it, and it will show more of your photos.

    If not, click on either the first or last of your artworks on the wall, and then use the < or > to go through all of them and see if the missing photo shows there.  If it does,  I would delete it and reload it.

    If that doesn’t help, I’ll try to think of something else it might be, but you may have to wait for Charlie.

    Hmmm… not sure why the photo count is off, I’ll have to look into that further along with the double posting thing… I can’t seem to ever replicate that on my end. That said, another way to remove photos is to go to the post itself and click EDIT below it… there you can add and subtract photos. Or you can Delete the post entirely by clicking Delete and try a fresh one.

    Thank you both Sandra and Charlie.  Here is the update:

    1. there is no “load more+” on my page

    2. when I use the “<” or “>” I do not see the missing photo

    3. the site still shows that I have 20 photos uploaded, even though there are only 19 showing

    4. recall that I had 2 copies of the photo in question, and I “lost” both when I deleted only one

    Might there be gremlins in the system?  😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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