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  • I’d swear I’d already posted this, but I can’t find it, so apologies if this appears twice.

    I’ve jumped in and learned how to use the site as I went along (you know the quote  “She took the leap and built her wings on the way down”).  I thought it might be nice to have a section where people post tricks they’ve learned about navigating the site.

    For instance, I’ve been responding to comments and then had to scroll waaaay down to reply.  I’ve often got lost among the responses, trying to find a comment I was notified about.  Then I discovered that if you click on a person’s name, you’ll get a list of all the comments they made.  If you reply to a comment on that list, your reply window opens right below the comment – no scrolling!  You can also like comments in this window.

    It does take you out of the thread you’re in, but you can then hit the back key to return.  I was doing a lot of extra work before I discovered this.

    ooooh  aaaaah  i like this page and less driving charlie crazy!


    I found an even better method of following what is going on within the site.  Under ‘Community’ there is a ‘Site-wide News Feed’.  If you click on it, you see all the art, all the comments, all the posts.  You can like from there.

    I’m a little confused, because sometimes you can comment and sometimes the option isn’t available.  I know if it’s a group post and you don’t belong to the group you can’t comment, but there seems to be some other filter as well.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Oh, even better than the Community Site-wide News Feed, on your own profile page, under the icon images, you have Wall and then News Feed, My Likes and Show.  Next to show is a selection box, that probably says ‘Everything’.  Hit the down area to see what your selections are.

    You can filter what you want to view from the whole site.  You can choose to only see friend’s posts, only updates, only comments and more.  Much easier form of navigation than what I’ve been doing!

    hehe! I just super love this and so happy you’re figuring things out! I’m still finding out things each day! Lol So this is great!

    cool trick Sandra. It does get arduous when a thread is popular! And as you said, if you want to like stuff easier you can use that feature too. This is a great idea for a thread too!! and as Kate said, no driving Charlie crazy, that man is busy enough, lol. I have no idea HOW he does it all!! he built this whole site himself. Amazing!

    I know I’m learning new stuff every time I turn around!

    I’m in awe of Charlie for building this site, and keeping up with everything.  It makes me tired just seeing all the stuff he’s doing!  And speaking of doing, I need to get off the computer and start doing some real life stuff, lol!  Talk at ya all later!

    Did you know you can write a paragraph about yourself in your profile?

    If you don’t see-About Social Media Links Artist Bio
    at the top of your Profile page, then:
    Click Profile.
    Click Edit
    …and you should see those headings.

    Click Artist Bio and fill in your paragraph.

    If you’ve never been to a site like this, it can be hard to figure out what’s going one.  Here are a few things that will help get you started. AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN: If you click on the tiny icon that is fifth from the right, it will get you to your profile page.  On your profile page, you’ll see ‘Wall’, ‘Artwork’, etc.  If you click on Artwork it will open a window where you can upload your artwork.          BACK TO THE TOP OF THE SCREEN:  If you click on ‘Community’ and choose ‘Site-Wide News Feed’, you’ll get a list of what everyone has been doing – the art they have posted, new threads, new members – pretty much everything.  I use this the most because it means I don’t have to jump around as much.     Also under ‘Community’ is the ‘Member’s Art Gallery’.  This will show you thumbnails of all the art that has been posted.  If you click on a thumbnail, you get a larger version of the art and can like it or click on the conversation balloon to leave a comment.      Under ‘Blog’, you’ll see ‘Charlie’s Adventures’ and that’s where you’ll find his daily write-ups.          Under ‘Challenges’ you’ll see the selection that will take you to the month’s watercolor challenges.    ON THE RIGHT OF THE SCREEN:  You can scroll down and find a whole bunch of good stuff. A link to the Events calendar where you can add events.  Special notices about Doodlewash giveaways, if any are going. upcoming events,  Groups You Join, Forums, Recent replies and Topics in both.       That’s probably enough to take in to start with.  Please feel free to ask questions.  I’m still learning all that can be done myself (I’m not officially anything but a member), and Charlie keeps adding more good stuff.  But, if I can answer, I will. If I can’t or if you want to go right to the source – Charlie – click on the envelope way down on the right and you can leave a message for him.

    You’re so awesome, Sandra!! Thanks so much for helping people use this site! I keep meaning to create a more thorough Help Guide, but time is never on my side! Thoroughly appreciate the help!! 💕

    I don’t know how you keep up with it all!  I’ll try to come up with some basic stuff over the next week or so.


    Can you point me in the right direction where to find information about DO Points? What does all mean and how do you accumulate and use them?

    Margot, the DO points accumulate automatically as you interact throughout the community.  You get points for posting, for commenting on posts and for liking art, posts & comments.  As your points accumulate, your DO level increases.  I’m actually not sure how many points you need to increase a level.  At number 1, with over 2000 points I’m at level seven, and I believe the top level is 10.  On your profile page, under your name, you’ll see DO badges and your DO level.

    Charlie is still working on this, so there isn’t very much information on it, yet.  I believe that eventually, you will be able to redeem your points for something.

    For now, there is nothing to do but interact with other members.  The more active you are on the site, the more points you’ll have built up once the feature is completed.

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