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    Margot Way

    Thanks Sandra for the info on DO Points.

    Sandra Strait

    My pleasure!  I hope I was able to answer your questions.



    Yep! Sandra is right as ever! I’m still working on the next phase of DO points with my sponsors, but they’ll be a way to redeem them for coupons and products in the near future!! 😉👍🏻 For now, the more you DO on this site, the more points you’ll have to use in the future!

    Shar Kennett

    Sandra, reading your posts led me to once again try to navigate around the site, and I was able to find some of the short cuts you wrote about.  I am hoping to post some of my paintings soon, but after having read and re-read Charlie’s instructions, I am sort of lost, especially when it comes to creating an album.  Am I correct that you post a photo, then click on create an album, then move the photo/s to the album?  I ask because I would like to place my October challenge into one album.


    Apologies for that… yeah, the way albums are handled is a little confusing and not as intuitive as I would like with this plugin. If you go to your Artwork tab in your profile and select it, under the icons you’ll see an “ALBUMS” link. Click that and create an album. Now, whenever you post a watercolor (using the +paintbrush icon), you should see an “Album” link after you post it. You can click this to assign it to an album. (In theory, you should be able to select an album as you’re posting something (or create a new one), but it doesn’t work like that unfortunately. Wish it did! Way easier!! hehe)

    Sandra Strait

    Shar, Once an album is created (click on Albums, then Create an Album).  Then, before you upload, open the album you want the photo in by clicking n the album’s name or the icon next to the name.   A window opens that is the same as the the photo upload window, and you upload the photo of your choice.  When it has uploaded, it will be in both the album and your uploads.

    I don’t think you can add photos to an album, once you have already uploaded without re-loading them again, and then they’ll be in the art gallery twice.  Not sure if there is a work around to that.


    You should be able to both add them after you’ve uploaded, or change them to another album. If you go to the post in either the News Feed or Your Wall, there’s a “Album” button under the image. If you click that, you can select (and change) the album that image is associated with. I just tested it and it seems to work fine.

    Sandra Strait

    Thank you, Charlie.  Your reply had the magic info!  I was actually poking around in Artwork and Uploads, which is where people-think would have placed the ability to add photos to an album.  I’m not complaining though – I’ve done juuuust enough programming to know that timelines, team mis-communications, and strange computer logic often take sway over people-think, and those who built the plugin were probably half-crazy by the time they were done.

    While you’re working on the transporter beam technology, why don’t you include a direct human brain to computer interface.  It would make life so much easier!

    Bella B’e

    Hi everyone, new member here.

    How do you thank people that liked your art work please.

    Sandra Strait

    There are several ways to get to the right screen, but one way is to use the Notification Bell icon at the top of the screen.  You’ll see notifications there for every activity.

    When you see that someone has commented on your art, click on the message in the drop-down window, and it will take you to the conversation.

    If you used another method to get to this point, it make look different.  What you are looking for is ‘Reply’.  Hit reply and type in your thanks.  You can also like the comment for DO points.  In some windows, you’ll have a ‘Like’ option and can click on that.  In other windows, there will be a heart at the top right of the comment.  Click on the heart and it will turn red, showing that you have liked it.

    Shar Kennett

    Sorry, but still trying to figure out how I am going to upload my photos.  At least I was able to create an album (for the October Challenge).

    The question:  What is the difference between uploading photos via

    1. the “+paintbrush: icon


    2. the “Artwork” tab.

    The only difference I see is that with the +paintbrush icon, one can write a comment.  Is that correct?  Is there another difference?  Which should I use if I want to place the photo into my album?

    Sandra Strait

    Are you asking about using this icon ?  The +paintbrush icon loads your photo into the members gallery and your photo uploads.  The mountain icon just loads it to an update in the newsfeed but doesn’t seem to store it anywhere.



    I’m wondering why, when you upload an image, you have two images. Should one be deleted? Why do two appear? I haven’t taken time to figure it out yet. 🙂


    Actually… I was wondering why two images are showing up in the background, but I can’t replicate it. Are you saying you see two images on the initial post screen, but only one appears when you post? Let me know what you’re seeing! (or add a screenshot if you can!) Thanks!

    Thomas Blanchard

    Charlie I get the double pictures when I use the “drag and drop” feature.  I always just delete one or browse the image instead.  I’m on Chrome/Mac.

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