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    (NOTE: Coming soon – a “Redeem With DO Points” button that takes you to a page that you can “unlock” using your points. This would be used for coupons, premium content (exclusive tutorials), etc) )

    1.       Prep: Look up your DO points on the Leaderboard or on your Profile Page.

    Don’t see the Leaderboard?  If you are on your profile page, scroll to the bottom, past the Artist Bio, and you will see the Current Balance for your DO points.  If you are not on your profile page…

    …Go to the top of the screen, click on Community, and then DO Points Leaderboard.

    2.       You can get to the Shopping Page by clicking SHOP at the top of the screen (see photo above) or, if you are at the leaderboard, click on the words ‘DO LEADERBOARD, and the window below will open showing your current balance.  Use the ‘CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE DO POINTS SHOP! Button to open the shop window.

    3.       Once you are at the Shop window, scroll down to ‘REDEEM YOUR DO POINTS’.

    4.       Check the number of DO points needed to purchase the item you want.  If you don’t have enough points, keep interacting with the community until you do.  You get points for commenting, posting and liking – so DO lots of it!


    5.       If you have enough DO points, click on the item and a window will open to allow the purchase.

    6.       Read carefully to see if there are limitations and that you live in an area where the item can ship, and make sure the item is what you think it is.

    7.       Before you hit ‘Add to Cart’, please answer any questions about choice.  In the example above, you are asked to select the Type of Paper you want.  If you click on the arrows, you see your choices.  Click on your choice, to be sure that you get the item you really want.

    8.       NOW you can click ‘ADD TO CART’.

    9.       The number of items in your cart should appear in the upper right corner of the screen (and you can check to see what is in your cart at any time by clicking on the cart.

    10.    Verify that everything looks correct and hit ‘Proceed to Checkout’ if it is.

    For more information on How to Use the Site check out the forum ‘Doodlewash Club Features’

    Like I’m *ever* going to shut up now.

    (Fair warning.)  😀

    Welcome to the Yakker’s Club, lol!


    Do we get t-shirts?  Membership cards?  A super secret vocal password to get into the clubhouse?

    😀 😀 😀

    OH MY GOSH!! YES!! Well… not yet… but SO fun! hehe… totally adding those to the list!! 😉👍🏻

    ::waits …uh….patiently::

    I nominate PAINT ALL THE THINGS as our password.

    Of course, yakking about it on the boards probably makes it less than secret.


    Well, I don’t think we should have a secret password unless Charlie adds in a secret decoder ring.  I’d totally go for that.



    True… we’re not invisible even in our cool club! LOL ooooohhhh though invisibility would be a cool super power. That was always my chosen one when pretending to be a superhero as a kid. It never worked though, so I was the worst super hero ever. 😊

    yes!  Doodlewash gear with DO points would be awesome.

    ME TOO.

    Not even kidding.  I used to skulk around the neighborhood being all quiet (and probably vaguely creepy, now that I think about it), and take notes about what other people were doing, ala Harriet the Spy.

    Aaaaand now, as an adult, I skulk around quietly drawing pictures of everybody.

    So maybe it wasn’t quite invisibility, but a practiced translucence?  😀

    I hardly ever came out of hiding unless it was to visit the library or I was doing the artwork for some project.  Oh, we introverted few…

    YES! Doodlewash gear.  I like it!

    I’d love some doodlewash gear!

    Ooh mugs, I vote for MUGS!

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