I Draw How I Paint

  • I’ve been drawing a lot more recently–I have two kids to take care of, and it’s easier to pick up the pencil rather than take out my paints (although as the kids get older, I’m finally getting more time for that again).

    I gravitate toward negative painting in watercolor, without using masking fluid. Sometimes, I sketch out the bones for what I’ll be painting, other times I wing it. Really, most of the time I wing it. I like bold shapes, a mixture of organic and geometric–my favorite artists are Charley Harper and Eyvind Earle and I really like their aesthetic.

    I start out with a basic foreground sketch with an HB, gradually getting heavier up to 6B as the layers are added. Just like in my paintings, I start with a light foreground image, shade around it, adding more and more layers by shading around the shapes, working my way to the upper Bs.

    I only started drawing this way after my painting style really solidified, and I really enjoy it!

    Your work is truly wonderful!!  I love Charley Harper’s work also.

    Thank you! And I just love his work…I’m always looking through his images for inspiration.


    I definitely prefer the graphite to the watercolour version. A real expertise!

    These are so lovely and very expressive! You are being an Artist in whatever you do, however you can. Time flys, and your children will integrate the creativity that makes you happy to fulfill their own dreams as they become adults. I guarantee that!


    You have an amazing feel for values and composition! Your work is fantastic!

    Thank you, both for sharing your artwork (I especially love the second image) and for the two new artists.  Beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing these — they’re amazing! I’m terrible at negative painting, maybe I should try doing some drawing first to practice!

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