I LOVE Hahnemühle Postcards

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  • My tins with my favorite and second favorite colors… And I’ve added one for Primateks now.  I love them.  I can put a mixing area made from tea tin tops in and have room for a brush there is so much room.

    Dang we need Doodlewashers to live close by…

    Oh my, those are so cool Kate. I can’t believe how many full pans you can get in it. I’d love to collect the artwork on each tin too. Then I could do what you did and still tell the tins apart. I thought there was only one kind of postcard paper IN A TIN. I know there’s other paper postcard pads.

    wouldn’t that be nice? We could all move to minnesota where Wet Paint Art is and go shopping together. Then go home and sleep in a cardboard box and eat mac & cheese. ;o)

    Well, as much as I like the idea of living close to Wet Paint, I don’t think I like it well enough to live in Minnesota, lol. Especially not in a carboard box – the winters there are COLD.

    our fingers would be so frozen we couldn’t make art. I lived in both Saskatoon (just above Minnesota) and Ottawa, which is around Toronto and east coast. Freeze your cahoonas off weather! I’m such a wuss now, all used to the “warm” weather here in BC. Now I complain when it goes below zero. phhleeeaassee! lol.

    I shhhooooorrreeee would love to live beside wet paint in the summer though!

    Nah, we can ship from WetPaintArt and live near Merriartist here in Portland!  Jenn, MOVE!

    I second that.  Although if we have too many winters like we did last year I may consider moving, lol.  I know it was nothing compared to what some areas get, but we aren’t prepared for it here.  The condensation lines on my furnace froze and I had to disconnect them and let them drip into a bucket all winter.  Pain in the patoot!

    we were exactly the same up here a little closer to the north pole. I think we were blowing the polar winds down by you/ Sowwies.

    This post can also be found in the DIY Travel Palette Thread, but I thought it would be of interest to people following this thread as well.

    There’s been some discussion about using the Hahnemühle YouTangle and Postcard tins for palettes, so I thought I’d post some comparison photos (and casually mention that I’m currently holding a giveaway for one of the YouTangle tins It ends 10/15/17. International entries welcome).

    I used a Lukas Watercolor pan set for comparison – it is marginally longer, a bit wider and a bit thinner than the Da Vinci watercolor set.   I didn’t have that set with me, or I would have used it for this (and for those interested, this is the Jubilee edition cover of the postcard set).

    Here you can see the heights.  The Lukas set doesn’t have a folding wing so it is thinner than most watercolor palette tins.  The Postcard tin is taller than an Altoids tin. (This was for you Tonya!).

    Kate already posted some photos of the postcard tin with pans, so I’ll just post one for the YouTangle. tin.  I can squeeze (sqeeeeeze) 25 half-pans into it.  I haven’t used up my tiles yet, so I haven’t adapted one for real yet.

    Thanks Susan.  I really love these crazy cards!  Love how the rough paper takes paint!

    Mary, always happy to help burn a hole in someones pocketbook!

    I now have the YouTangle tin+cards, and I can get 15 full pans in one… These are my Matteo Grilli paint, 3 Da Vinci paints, and a few new paints from Holbien.  I will so a review of both the new Holbein and the YouTangle.  I wish I’d had them for the Inktober and may save 31 of them (I have two tins) for next year.

    YouTangle tin as Palette

    Kate, I’m giving away a YouTangle tin this week (ends Sunday), and I have two more tins that I’ll be giving away end of October, beginning of November, so you can try for another tin of them.  I also will be giving away a tin of postcards.  It’s for the same lid painting you have, but if you won, I might be persuaded to swap out for the Jubilee lid.

    I am bowing out of the giveaways only because I have two tins of the YouTangle, and hate to enter when I have so many!  I am looking for other tins (eBay) and if I get them I will give you one my florals…  I woudl so much rather others get a chance to use them.  Same goes for Jenn’s giveaway — I only go for them if I’ve not tried things.  I have such a stash!

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