I LOVE Hahnemühle Postcards

  • I know what you mean.  I’m torn when there is a giveaway with several products, and I have some but not others.  But then, if I do enter those, I turn around and give away the duplicates, so I don’t feel too bad if I enter them.

    Actually, since the lids are not hinged, we could swap my Jubilee for one of your florals, if you like.  I intend to collect, but I’m not in hurry – I’ll buy them as I need the cards.  This way you’d have two, and I’d still have one – just a different one.

    I’ll also be giving away a tin of postcards in the next month. :o)

    thanks Kate, good to see you can get a huge amount of paint in those!

    Ohhh, thank you for the review! These are actually the exact size I prefer doing art on, so I need to get some.

    And the artwork on the tin is awesome! I think my favorite is the lavender (?) field one I saw on google images.

    I’m definitely the one who is unhinged.  I stated that we could swap lids because they weren’t, but, yeah, the postcard tins are hinged and so are the YouTangle and who knows what I was thinking of.  Too many tins loose in my head and they’re jangling around in all that empty space!

    There are currently 10 editions of these tins.  I haven’t seen all of the paintings yet.  I’m trying to decide if I want to collect these or save my money for something else.  Like food and rent, but probably other art supplies, lol.

    Lol, perhaps thankfully, I don’t have enough money to collect them all anyways, so no temptation to try. But they are so pretty! I can understand why you’d want to collect them all.

    holy cow! I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WERE TEN! I can see you eventually getting all ten. Where will you find them? Did you ask Carol how many there were?

    I know, me too. I can imagine how pretty it would be to have them all on a shelf filled with finished art. Kinda a unique kind of journal!

    It isn’t at the top of my list, but I’ll keep my eye on ebay, etc. and try to find good deals on them.


    Hahnemühle has a blog, and there was a post talking about the Jubilee lid, which they said was the 10th edition of the postcard tins.  I think the Limited Edition lid that Kate has (and that I’m giving away) is the 9th.  I haven’t been able to find a list of all of them, but I’ve been looking.

    I didn’t know they had them on eBay. Cool. you’ll have to do  a show and tell when you get a few.

    Make sure you put your link on this thread!  Close to the top!


    Replying to several comments…. sorry have a cold!

    Katie I love the size too.  I keep the stack by my bedside for middle-of-the-night-i-can’t sleep sketching.

    Sandra I can see we will be bidding against each other!  We will stay in touch about what we score!

    Jenn I like seeing mine on the art desk lined up!  But I would swap some of the floral for others if I find them!

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