I LOVE Hahnemühle Postcards

  • Hmmm, I’ll try to remember to do that. Or, anyone can just subscribe then get every post, lol. When the new site is up I’ll announce it officially here, promise. I’ve made it a requirement for the giveaways to subscribe then no one will miss one. There’ll be three (at least) before Christmas then at least one a month in 2018.

    I think once I’ve finished this eight weeks of giveaways, I’ll rest until after the New Year.  But then who knows! Something else may come along, lol!  I haven’t heard from Exaclair USA yet and I was supposed to get something for October.

    I haven’t put in any bids yet.  I keep hoping I’ll see some at a really good price.  *sigh* I remember the days when you could find truly amazing deals on ebay.  Something I’ll probably never see again.

    I’ll be entering all of them, lol. Great that you can do so many.

    sorry your sick my friend. those sure do look lovely on your desk. Hopefully finding all the different iterations of the tins won’t be difficult for you. :o)

    I was never a big eBay shopper but there used to be better deals….

    so glad to see it’s not just me that thinks “holy cow” what the heck? The prices are usually MORE than retail, as though their selling to idiots.

    good luck, I think it’s rare to find really good deals. Who knows why.

    I think the problem is the gambling effect.  I’ve seen people bid prices up past the going price because they are so intent on winning that they lose sight of what they’re doing.  Add to that, there are idiots (some of them quite intelligent, actually) who still believe in the ebay fairy who blesses all offerings and turns all buys into WUN-der-ful deals.

    Too many people have found they can sell for more and get away with it.  It used to be people de-cluttering and just hoping to make a few sheckels from their discards.  Not no more!

    it also used to be people buying close outs then selling on eBay, good deals for those willing to bid. Now it’s crazy.

    New information regarding the Hahnemühle Postcards!  Tonya L didn’t like hers, so we swapped (just for the postcards – she kept her tin, lol).  They arrived today and as I was putting them in the tin with the ones I had, I had a flash of “There is something different about these cards!”  It took me a moment.  At first, I thought maybe the color was slightly different, but no.  They were the same.  Then I realized – the texture runs in a different direction!  With mine the texture runs across the width and with the ones from Tonya they run the length.

    In the photo – Tonya’s at top, Mine below.

    Other than splashing the paint across one of the cards to highlight the texture, I haven’t painted anything on the ones I just received.  I’m wondering how much difference it will make and it that is why she didn’t like hers, while Kate and I did.

    Kate, which direction does the texture run on yours?  Tonya, what picture do you have on your lid. I’ll have to ask Carol if the direction depends on the painting or if it’s just a random thing depending on how they cut the paper.

    well that’s just strange. If I was a betting woman and hadn’t heard that you liked the vertical pattern, I would have bet that the horizontal pattern would have been “better” to work with. It’ll be interesting to hear what Kate says. Kate?

    Interested to know if the direction of the pattern affects how the paint flows. I’d thought of getting some of the postcards, or adding them to my Christmas Wish List. Thanks

    Most of mine run the long ways… but oddly, a couple seem to be a more gridded (gardenia)!

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