I LOVE Hahnemühle Postcards

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  • It’s always possible that the horizontal pattern will be better, but it’s a fairly deep texture.  Might be too much.  I’ll be trying one here shortly.  If I can get out of Doodlewash and start painting, lol.


    My giveaway for a tin will be starting this Sunday, but I’m not sure which the texture will run on them.


    Interesting.  I’ll have to go through my batch and see if they are all consistent.


    Interesting, I can’t wait to dig in soon. I have too many things to do! I know what you mean, I just want to veg and not do anything. I need a vacation.

    that is really curious. I actually love the texture I see but then I haven’t tried them, I tend to be too hung up one what I’ve deemed perfection instead of loving what happens no matter whether I planned or can control it, maybe these will force me to relax. Crossing fingers! Love that teal and the texture Kate.

    Well, I tried the horizontal, and honestly, I didn’t see any difference.  I botched the painting but that’s because I was trying to get it done while hubby was out of the room. He wants his daily painting to be a ‘surprise’ when he opens his lunch.  Good thing he isn’t picky about the actual artwork, though he does love it when I do up a really nice one.  I need to practice the quick painting more often.  I can draw them, but I always try to do too much with a quick watercolor.

    I’m curious to see how you like working on them.


    MG Cobalt Teal dropped into Amazonite…

    I love him!!!!! Love love love him!

    You can really see the texture on the paintings!

    Thank you!

    Thank you! This has been seal/sea lion week for hubby’s lunches.  Now I have to decide what I’ll be doing next week.

    I asked Carol at Hahnemuhle about the way the texture runs.  She wasn’t sure, but believes it is because the cards are cut from a large sheet, and the direction changes because they are trying to get the most cards per sheet possible.  So it is probably going to be at random and you might even get both kinds in the same tin.  I really didn’t notice a lot of difference in how the paint handles, but I’m glad I have both.  If I were painting a seascape I’d want the horizontal texture and if I were painting something like a fire or lightning, I’d prefer the vertical.

    Hi Sandra, Forgot to answer this, I also keep forgetting there are other pages in this section so unless something is commented on I miss that there is stuff under it! Numpty that I am!. I really loved the hahnemühle postcards and even though paper really allowed lifting, I found it fun to work on, kinda like a challenge. It probably helped that they were just fun christmas cards I was making, not some important piece for someone. It was such a joy to play on them, I have to do that more often.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 78 total)
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