I want to try two oranges for a swap

  • I want to try two oranges (I prefer full pan but can do both):

    Schminke “Translucent Orange”

    Daniel Smith Transparent Pyrrol Orange

    I have many of the Primateks, and many Daniel Smith  colors… Ask me!

    Want to do this after the holidays!


    I’m experimenting with this pigment as well.  So far my favourite version of PO71 is  QOR.

    I have a half-tube of the Schmincke –  could squeeze out a full pan for you.

    Any chance you’ve got DS Lemon Yellow (the PY175 kind) or Mayan Blue?

    Hi Lee, you’ll LOVE the lemon Yellow, hopefully  Kate has some!

    I don’t have Lemon Yellow but I have Quinophthalo Yellow (DS), which is a lovely clear nearly transparent yellow.



    Hrm, I’m ultra fussy about my yellows (it’s a tragedy), so I think I’ll pass. Sorry.

    No problem Lee!


    Hello there!  Do you still want two oranges?  I have a cadmium orange in my kuretake set to spare (only used twice).  I could send you a photo if you’d like.

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