January diary

  • I really can’t believe it is four weeks since I last put anything  in  my diary              Time has really flown with two full classes of 12 in each,  there is a lot of work in  preparation, at two different levels.   Last week the morning class had to bring in an object to draw ,  what they didn’t know was they would not be drawing their own objects, which made for a  little  more fun.   The artwork at the end of the class was fabulous. The classes are really  taking up a lot of time, but it is fun.  I now have had my hand done although it is painful it is getting better every day, until I forget and grab something then  its  ouch!!!   Both groups are working very well,  and this week because I cannot demonstrate  my husband Roger is going to give demonstrations on perspectives, when I told the groups they seemed to be very interested.  It really is wonderful to see people working on their new hobby ‘Art’  and improving every week with every challenge I present them with.  Ah well onwards and upwards.

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