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    Tao Barry

    After a two-week break  in Kenya which was wonderful,  but the rainy season came early, which meant the animals were a  little more difficult to find, the flowers and bushes bursting into bloom made all safaris a joy to behold.    The river bursting the bank went from little trickles to torrential torrents    flooding all low laying areas ,  i.e. dining areas and path to our Tents,  Great Fun……. Especially  the day the elephant came through the camp and search for fruit beneath our tent then decided to scratch his side on our guard rails, I was within three feet of his head,   Awesome !!! I could see his eye looking at me and I could almost touch his trunk,  but as he was a little bigger than me I decided not to and just take pictures,  he stayed a while picking up the fruit that  the monkeys had dropped from our tree the lifted his trunk as to say “that’s it folk I’m off “           times like that are absolute magical. Enough …of holidays.  but I do have some wonder picture of skies.     rivers.   landscape and of course Elephants.                                         We had a class on Thursday with a total of 11 students and two on holiday,       they started designs for Christmas,  with this number  of students and space I have had to close the entry to the Morning class and  will start a new class later the same day.      Whether I will get many answers who knows,  but I felt like that with the first poster I put up  at Easter.   The centre has asked us all to do a design for their front of their magazine and they would get people to choose which one wins the place on the cover,  next week will be the choosing.                                                                      Then one more week before end of term and Christmas,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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