Kremer pigments new palette

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  • I’m a huge fan of Kremer pigments paints and paintboxes, and I like their sometimes a bit strange selection of paints in their boxes. Recently I found this new box on their website, and it’s such a weird selection of paints. I wonder what they had in mind while creating this. Anyone got any idea what to use this for?

    Kremer isn’t a brand I’ve seen here in the Western U.S. I’ve wondered about them, though.  I don’t know for sure what that particular set is for, but I’m suspecting portraits.  On my screen at least, those colors look like good ones for flesh tones.

    We buy from them as conservators, and I’ve wondered about their paints, but the prices are outrageous!

    I’ve been tempted by the larger empty palette for $34; looked at getting one of the larger metal pans, and have bought the 100 full pans for $20.

    I have never heard of it. And now I’m curious enough to check it out.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Ah that might be it!

    Oh, that’s too bad! I really like their paints, and in Europe I can order them for a pretty good price.

    They are absolutely worth checking out! To me they seem very different from other professional paints, but I cannot really say what is different. I know there are a few nice reviews on Youtube!

    Here’s a review of some of the pan sets.  It’s from 2014, so it may not be totally accurate, but it should give some idea of the sets.


    I’ve never ordered from them, but their print catalog is worth getting (free) because it contains a ton of information about pigments. Almost like a little textbook.

    I’ll have to look into the catalog.  It sounds interesting.

    Lisa you have actually used Kremer paints?  Can you tell us about your experience?

    Yes I have! I have four boxes of Kremer pigments watercolors, and I really really like them. However, I’m just a paint addict, and no real expert in watercolors, but I’ll do my best to describe them!

    They use good quality pigments, and I believe the paints are handmade by the Kremer staff. I get the feeling that they use a little less binder than traditional brands, but I can’t really verify this, it’s just a feeling. The paints are very very responsive, and just a little stroke on a pan lifts lots of paints and pigments. The colors are really bright and beautiful! So I can really recommend them. The paintboxes I have are Kremer set 1, Earth colors (Erdfarben), and Illumination. The forth palette was not bought a set.

    Of course, with my four palettes, I do not need more. But I’m a paint addict, so I can’t help it! 😀

    Kremer palettes

    Kremer colorcharts

    The Kremer catalog can be downloaded as a free PDF.

    These do look beautiful.  I’ll have to keep my eye open for a deal.

    Teoh Yi Chie (aka Parka Blogs) loves this brand and highly recommends them, but I think they’re German (???) and usually crazy expensive in the States. Like everything, I’m sure deals can be had if one takes the time to look. But I’ve heard great things about them, so thanks for the additional information, Lisa!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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