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    Tao Barry

    Thursday 20thJune.
    Hi everybody sorry I haven’t been in touch, but I really   don’t know where the time has gone
    Since I started my art group, I am beginning to know how teacher feel when the school holidays start.  The last two weeks have   passed without too much hassle ,  but last week I did arrive at the centre to find my room had been taken over by the Diabetic  eye screening and the staff were in a quandary about where we should go as all the rooms were in use, the only place was the café area so amongst the people waiting for their appointment as we set up a few tables so we could do some more pencil work i.e shading etc… not quite what I had planned but needs must…..   we had early coffee then transferred to the dance studio for the rest of the  time,   this weeks class was cancelled as I am now down in Boscombe at a workshop with     Sharon Hurst,  who does amazing painting of dragons and weirdo’s ,  so who knows I might have found something different to paint….other than botanicals. Only five minutes’ walk away from the sea      Super….
    Today is the 25thtrying to get back into the flow of the art world,   I had a lovely few days drawing weird botanicals  which I will post asap.  Met some fantastic artists turning their botanicals into really weird creatures which basically was what the course was all about,  but I found it hard enough to draw the pitcher plants etc without turning them into monsters.
    Back to some sort of normality with  another class on Thursday subject …mixing greens and other colours…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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