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    This popped up on my FB feed, and thought some might enjoy it.

    Great video, Rod, Thank you! I’ve never seen anyone use salt or saran wrap the way she did.

    *snort* Just realized that somehow I ended up watching this textures video instead. Absolutely no idea how I got there.  I like the lifting video too, lol.

    Non-staining colors, good timing, water-control – he makes it look easy, but you’d need the right paper, brush and colors to make it work.

    Ha!  And here I thought this was going to be a totally strange way of lifting out with salt and plastic wrap!  Thanks Rod!  I find it the paper quality matter so much on this process!

    Fascinating process.  Always makes me wonder how often the artist has done that particular painting or similar one, in order to be able to do the demonstration that fast…it did not appear to have been sped up that fast, and it is watercolor so he does have to move fast.  Do you know what the paper was?  Was it Yupo?





    Don’t know really Shar, but I suspect HP as it doesn’t allow the paint to sink in as much as CP. Kate might have a view

    The texture video was an eye opener.  Did not know one could get that effect by dissolving salt in the wash water.  Also, who knew about bleach?

    Shar, paint tends to bead up on Yupo, so I suspect it’s something else.  It is also possible he is using a medium, like Qor’s Lift Aid, to help with lifting.  I have some of that coming and I’m eager to try it out because I love to lift color.


    I knew about bleach, but not that salt would do something similar and I hadnt seen plastic wrap used that way.  I wish she hadn’t left her brushes in the cups the way she did though.  It makes me cringe when I see that – she needs a disclaimer – ‘No brushes were harmed in the filming of this video!’


    It annoys me when they don’t tell us the paper.  I’ve never had paper stay wet that long — and he is in Brazil!  I too wonder, Shar, if he is on Yupo, though I’ve not tried it.  Sandra, I walked away from a brush I love one day… sadly.  BUT, there is a great video on fixing brushes:

    Okay, synthetics, which is what I use…. No squirrels were harmed in the making of these brushes!

    Great video, Kate.  I wouldn’t want to do this to a brush too often as the boiling water might loosen the bristles enough where they fall out.  But if you’ve already ruined it by bending it.  Now I just need to way to fix brushes where I’ve split the ends.  Wonder if this would help with that.

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