LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolor Set of 20 Half Pans with SQUARE metal tin

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  • I almost feel mean about posting this, since I know I’m not the only paint palette addict on the site, but I have to know.  Has anyone bought this LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolor Set of 20 Half Pans with SQUARE metal tin or used the Lukas professional watercolors? I’ve got a tin of their student quality, but never tried the professional.  The student paints are surprisingly good.  I really can’t buy this now.  Really.  I can’t! *Pictures Hubby’s face*  I can’t!  But anyone know.  Are they good?  You know. Just in case I accidentally push the purchase button.

    No direct experience but Lindsay did a comparison of the 1862 line vs. Studio line here.

    Thank you for the link, Thomas.

    *sigh*  Looks like the student line is almost as good as the artist quality.  A little more opaque, less granulation and possibly not as lightfast, though that isn’t covered.  Nothing there to give me an excuse to get that square tin.  My drool list grows!

    Prima Watercolors has a great little tin.  I have seen many of the and student grade paint colors because I also bought them for others and made gift tins as presents using my own paints.  The paints are not as good as Cotman — some are grainy.  Most I gave to kids to use, but some were fine for fun.  Snobby people have said that tins are not good, but I am sorry, unless you are going to pay for a GOOD tin, these are great little tins.  They’ve been traveling around with me for a year and are just fine, as good as my Sennelier tin.  Fit in the palm of your hand.

    My Review of the Prima Paints.

    The paints I’ve tried, in the order that I liked their colors:
    Prima Tropical
    Prima Classics
    Prima Decadent Pies

    Prima Shimmering Lights and Prima Pastel I didn’t try…

    I have the Classics tin and I agree – for the price, they are great tins (though I don’t like that they call them Professional grade).  I switched the paints out of the tin they came in, and put in ones that I knew I’d use more often.  I use the Prima’s mainly for art journaling.  I think the Lukas student are better.  So far, they’ve been the best student brand I’ve used.  From what I’ve seen in reviews their student brand is almost as good as their professional brand – which probably puts them both just about in the middle.

    Seems like the square tin itself would be a good enough excuse.

    But I may have a little art supply addiction issue.


    Hey, Sandra. If you want the square tin without the paints, I think the Cheap Joe’s large Nomad tin is the same size and it’s less than $5. I profiled it here along with how many pans it will hold: Ideas for Metal Watercolor Palettes

    I don’t know what shipping would be though. I would watch for one of their freebie shipping deals.

    Tonya the one I found didn’t have any mixing side — is that the one?  I love squares.

    Yep that’s the only negative to it, and I don’t know if you’re like me but I really must have a mixing side if I take it anywhere. It’s an easy fix with some enameled spray paint, but still, it would have to be a DIY thing. The Lukas has a pre enameled interior. So does the Daler-Rowney Aquafina square set that’s also the same size. But both cost more, of course.

    I’m keep a watch on the Nomad.  Or I may go with the Daler-Rowney square tin.  Depends on which is cheaper when the funds come available.  Hey! Maybe Charlie should add empty square tins to the DO points items, lol.  I think there are enough addicts among us to make that popular.

    I don’t like a mixing side.  To me, it justs seems to get in the way.  I use the lid or another mixing palette altogether.

    Well, that last response sounded stupid.  I was thinking you meant the the fold-out piece that lots of the metal tins half.  I don’t like ’em, lol.

    I LOVE the Daler-Rowney square tin (toss the paints and brush, or give them to kids). Mine has 8 full pans, and ten half pans. It’s a perfect size. It could hold more, but I am fussy about my pans touching. Bought three extras in case of zombie apocalypse or design changes.

    I ordered the new Schminke, but wouldn’t be surprised if I drifted back to the D-R after a few uses.


    Despite the fact that the Nomad is cheaper (shipping aside), I am leaning toward the Daler-Rowney.  My great nieces would love the paints.

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