LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolor Set of 20 Half Pans with SQUARE metal tin

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  • i get what you’re saying! I like a mixing lid but I don’t like the extra wings either. More weight & bulk & a space stealer when it’s open. Wish tin manufacturers would leave those off but I suppose some folks love them.

    Hopefully some of those manufacturers are following our conversations here in Doodlewash and will start making some without the wings.  I know the machines are set up to make those tins the way they’ve been made for years, but the machines have to be replaced eventually, and they could save money by not making a wing that people don’t want.  I should see if I can find out who actually makes the tins, and put a bug in their ear.

    I think you’d like the D-R better, mainly because of it’s bright white finish on the inside. Part of the low cost of the Joe’s tins is the unpainted finish. Can’t speak to the weight of their metal, but the D-R is very sturdy. I’ve been using mine daily for maybe three years and it’s hinges are still good. Nothing flimsy about it. After all this time, the mixing lid is barely discolored (but I confess that I can’t stand a messy palette, so I wipe mine down after each painting session).

    I got the Daler-Rowney Aquafina mini travel set in an art subscription box.  I never thought about it until seeing this.   It’s a great little box that will hold loads of full and half pans. It measures 4.5″ X 3.75″ and see on amazon for $13.   Here are some pics.  

    Thomas, thank you for the photos.  Paula, the white finish seals the deal.  It’s the D-R is my next choice! Walletbook, prepare for invasion!

    The weight of the AJ/CJ tin is fine and it does have a protective finish on it, but the DR tin is enameled on the inside with white on the top and bottom. I agree with Sandra. This would be my choice also, even though it costs 3x as much because I require a mixing surface. It’s just whatever personal needs are.

    There is one other option.  The Hahnemuhle Postcards tin is amazing.  I have two, and they are wonderful.  I can pop a lid of a tea tin into the top and add a few more, and a brush fits.  I like full pans.

    for size

    BTW, I wish I could have edited.  I don’t travel with these although I can… they  fit nicely into my bag.

    So mixing is not an issue as I use these… they are a mess, colors unknown, but they stack and I can keep the cats from drinking the paint!

    I have one of the Hahnemuhle Postcards tin, though I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet.  Both it and the YouTangle.Art tin are destined to become paint palettes, lol!


    Kate, you did a beautiful job with that tote.  I got mine at Harbor Freight too, but it’s black and not a fabric good for painting.  The side pockets aren’t as big either, but it’s roomy enough inside that I can carry my palette flat and add tons of other junk including books inside.  I think we need to add another thread for people to show off their totes!

    Tote with Hahnemühle Watercolour Book & Postcard tin

    I can not go to this group !! I’m a poor pensioner !!
    And all I would like to buy. God I love it all.

    It can be dangerous to read some of these discussions.  Good exercise for will power and the strength to resist!

    It is a great exercise of fixed will. I’m surfing Amazon.  After all, Christmas is coming. Aquarell Metallbox is wonderful. -:)


    Augh! They are! Another item for my wish list!

    Kate, you’re killing me. I can NOT buy this tin. Though I would also use the postcards. Hmmm….

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