M. Graham Watercolors

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  • I’m a fan of M. Graham. I’ve tried many others and have not been impressed. The size of the tube for the money, the power of the pigments, the honey as a moistener, the spreadability.

    There are some twenty year old tubes in my collection that I can still open and still squeeze out and still paint perfectly fine with, tell me, what other watercolors can you do that with?

    Dioxide Purple is one of my favorites. Plus, I love their landscape color sets.

    Who else is a fan?

    What is your favorite color and why?


    I’ve found I don’t have a favorite brand, but like certain colors from certain brands.  That said, I like the idea of having all one brand in a palette, lol.  I like M Grahams Azo Yellow, Phthalo Blue and Quinacridone Rose.

    I like them too…  Gorgeous colors.  That said, I don’t buy them much because I’ve had them take forever to dry (they never quite do but are not runny) in NW Portland…  I love their Indian Yellow and Quin Red.

    I don’t think I’ve tried their Indian Yellow. I love all of the Quinacridone’s though!

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