Making a watercolor journal

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  • I prefer to paint in journals and I really like 100 cotton paper. Finding them together at a price point I am happy about is tricky. So I made my own. Even better the two bigger ones I made to fit in my leather journal cover.

    I used arches 140lb paper.

    Handmade watercolor journals

    Oh, yours look so much better than mine.  I suck at sewing them together.  I used a wide range of paper, sometimes all the same in one journal and other times I mix them.  In the Schut Drawing Journal, I used the covers from the drawing pads as well as the paper itself.

    I make journals with all watercolor paper and other mixed media and junk journals,I bind them using my cinch machine..

    I like your covers,I like doing something to the covers…

    I love seeing others journals,,nice.

    Ooh, I like both of your guys journals too. I often use whatever is at hand for my journal or notebook experiments. I just happened to have scrapbook paper to cover the covers this time. I have used my various binding machines to put my journals together before. But this time I was trying to make journals to fit in my leather journal cover, so I learned how to do the coptic stitch method this time,

    Your journals look gorgeous!

    How cool, Pamela! I usually just sew mine into signatures with a pamphlet stitch and then sew the signatures together.  Then I spend hours trying to cover up the lousy sewing job, lol.

    Sandra, I’ve tried to master the Coptic stitch without much success.  Occasionally, I go the easy route and just punch holes and use rings, lol.  I use various things for the covers too.  For this one, I cut up a cardboard box, glued newspaper over it, and painted my picture with acrylic.  I think it might be my favorite cover.

    Oh wow that is cool a cool cover. The coptic wasn’t too hard but I found some good photo instructions.

    I love this cover Sandra,,the rings work,easy to remove a piece if you want to,removing a piece to use as a card or frame is one of the reasons I choose to bind as I do..

    I use a heavy cardboard for the front and back covers.,the dark colored book has a crumpled napkin glued to it then painted with a couple of different acrylic paints and then coated with mod podge,,I don’t usually put that much time into them,but I was having fun.😁


    Pamela, I agree about easy removal, and it also lets you add more if you wish.  I just have a handheld punch meant for printer paper.  I keep thinking about buying one of the machines — keep trying to win one, lol.  Does your Cinch work well?


    It works very well,it punches through several pieces of paper at one time,I do 3 pieces of arches 140 lb cold press at once and it will do heavy cardboard for the covers.I have the cinch that punches square holes.I really like it..

    Love all of your sketchbooks!!!  I did bookbinding 20 + years ago and then gave it up to pursue other projects.  Tried making a couple of journals recently and have forgotten everything I had learned…thank heaven for YouTube!  Here are a couple of books I did recently…have a long way to go.

    Love your journals! Do you like your Cinch machine? Almost bought one a while ago and then couldn’t decide if it would be worth buying.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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