Making a watercolor journal

  • Pretty journals,I love to see what people do for covers..

    Thank you Mary,,I love making them…I like my cinch very much,it is very easy to use…I feel like I am getting my money out of it..

    Mary, I love your books! Is that Japanese stab binding?

    Sandra, it is a Japanese stab binding.  Did the binding after the sketches were done.

    Mary, I’ve been tempted by the stab binding, but never tried it because the pages don’t lie flat, but I never thought about using it to bind finished work.  Ah! Another project…


    I enjoy making my own watercolor journals. I’ve used Arches and Fabriano both CP 140lb.

    Mary, those are beautiful. LOL, we are all such a creative bunch, I love being part of this tribe. 😛

    well I love all your journals. I am all about the journals and making my own is even better. I haven’t made a watercolor journal before but I certainly have the supplies for it. and I have a bind-it-all machine to add o-ring spirals for the binding. I’d really love to try one of the coptic ones. kinda scary.

    Alice, the coptic binding isn’t as scary as it looks. My first one was a little loose, but the 2nd and 3rd turned out awesome.

    I’ve only done one book with Coptic binding…the stitches are nice and tight but there is space between the signatures when the book is open.   Having never even seen a book with that kind of binding I’m not sure if I did it correctly or not.  I rather enjoyed doing the stitch once I got the rhythm of it.  My mind tends to wander when I do something repetitive so I may have missed a very important step in the process..:-).

    Wow,  what a beautiful watercolor journal! Very professional looking.

    Very nice Pamela.

    These are great…I just got a bookbinding book and am going to make some of my own as well.

    Oh love this!!

    I would love to do this…. took one class and the person was a bit OCD and so I never made it — I think you need to do it once all the way through before you get nitpicky….

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