Masking Tape comes off with paper fibres

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  • Whenever I use masking tape (or any tape) on removing it, it takes the upper layer of paper with it.
    Two papers I am using-
    1.Cold pressed 60% cotton paper
    2.150 GSM hot press paper(

    Have you tried Washi tape? (I use it most of the time now) – in the past, pressing the masking tape onto a clean surface before applying really helped mine.

    Student grade papers are more likely to tear with masking tape, but it can be the tape as well.  Older tape may be less likely to come off, and tapes made for commercial painting may be too strong.  Artist’s tape is less likely to cause a problem.

    If you stick the tape, lightly, to a surface like a sweater you can make it less tacky.  If you have some on that doesn’t want to come off, then using a heat gun or blow dryer can help melt the glue so it will come off more easily.  Just make sure you remove any masking fluid that you might be using because that heat will set it permanently.

    Washi tape will work, but try to get white or off-white because colored tape can mess up your color sense.


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