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    Tom Cunliffe

    For years now I’ve been using just ordinary decorating masking tape but this weekend I was in my local builders merchant and found a pile of FrogTape – delicate surface, low tack.  OK, its not cheap but what a difference it makes.  I can now stick it right over a dry wash in the confidence that it will lift off without damaging the surface.  Great for say, horizon lines in seascapes, or just to provide a neat border around your work.  I think I’m going to look stupid by posting this as no doubt you all already use this or something like it!  Its really helped me however and perhaps someone will find it useful


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    Sandra Strait

    I think it’s very helpful.  In the past, I’ve bought low-tack artists tape for this purpose, which was probably just as expensive, but much harder to find.  I’ve used the frog-tape (especially the zig-zag shaped one) for art journaling and crafting, but never though of using it for my straight-lines in my watercolors.  Thank you for the tip.

    Leyla Torres

    Thank you for the tip. I had never heard of this tape. You are quite generous and thoughtful  to share this information!


    Never heard of it but I often use a blue painter’s tape or a white artist’s tape… Never had it pull up acrylic, but not used it on watercolor.  Now I have to try it!


    I use blue painter’s tape. It works great, although the blue color makes it harder to judge colors than white artist tape would.

    Susan Cuss

    I hadn’t heard of frog tape before, so thanks for that information. I’ve used painter’s tape (?)  It’s green and I’ve not had any problems with it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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