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  • Hi . I am very new to Doodlewash.  so I do have a lot of questions which I will get around to eventually.

    I have posted three paintings and had some wonderful comments for which I thank you,    looking at the Members Art gallery  I see a lot of lovely paintings from all sorts of genres,   but I notice that only two of my paintings are showing.  Is there a reason for this?     Have I done something wrong.  have I posted too many paintings?      I think this is only the start of some of the questions I have.  are there any rules as such?  Thank you in anticipation.      Tao  ( No I am not Chinese, in case you are wondering)


    Hi, Tao! Only images posted using the “+Paintbrush” icon on the top right of the input box go into the gallery. The buttons in the lower left are for posting images, videos, and links and are there for things they don’t fit in the gallery or works-in-progress. I thought it might be you used one of those, but appears you did use the other icon so this was just a glitch. Sorry about that! I’m not actually sure what went wrong.  Please send me a note here – https://doodlewash.com/contact/ and let me know if it doesn’t show up on your next post!

    I had 8 paintings in my artwork and it says there are 8 now,but they are missing,,not sure what happened..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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