Mission Gold Paints (15 ML tubes)

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    I’m looking to swap some Mission Gold paints.  I bought a 34 color set of 15 ML tubes, but have limited use for some of the colors that were included in the set.  I’m willing to swap the following paints:

    Full or Nearly Full Tubes:

    • Sap Green (PG36, PY150)
    • Hooker’s Green (PG36, PBr25, PY150)
    • Yellow Green (PG36, PY3)
    • Greenish Yellow (PY150, PG36, PY65)
    • Yellow Ochre No 1. (PY42, PY150)
    • Yellow Orange (PO73, PY65)
    • Orange (PO73, PY65)
    • Red Violet (PR122, PB29)
    • Bright Clear Violet (PV3:1, PB29, PR122)
    • Bright Opera (BV10, PR122)

    ~Half Tubes:

    • Raw Umber (PBr7, PY65)
    • Burnt Sienna (PBr25, PR112, PY150)
    • Light Red (PBr25, PR112, PY150)
    • Ultramarine Deep (PB29, PV15)
    • Olive Green (PG36, PY150, PR112)

    Many of these paints are multi-pigment mixes, and the pigment numbers are included above for reference.  Please let me know if you are interested in one or more of these tubes, and we can see if there are tubes from your collection you are willing to swap for them.  Thanks!

    – Nimit

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