• I am sure you will think “what a meanie”    but I feel I must have a whinge!!!

    Is it possible for some sort of advice be given to new comers or even old members as to how many postings to place onto the site at one time.      I have just counted over twenty in one hit.  which I feel is a little over the top as they are pushing others people work from the main page into history so fast that we cannot keep up with the art work placed to be able to comment on, which I feel is very unfair to everyone,

    I know that we all love to place paintings  onto the gallery to get help and advice when we ask for it but if the painting vanishes within a few minutes we are never going to get the help we need or ask for  because nobody will troll through the pages

    I would be very interested in your views on this matter… should we ask for perhaps the limit to be three a day?

    sorry if I have upset anyone  but I cannot give comments to the same artist on every single painting..I don’t have the time.   Question — where and which painting do I leave my comments        Tao Barry


    No upset, but thankfully I don’t think it happens often…

    Maybe there is a place in the Seeking advice Forum where you can ask questions?

    I have found it frustrating a few times tho…

    This has been discussed before and it is frustrating.  Unfortunately there isn’t any way to put a cap on how many postings can be done in a day, and newcomers are just trying to get their photos into the gallery without understanding how it affects the main feed.  I’m not sure how you could get that information to them without someone policing the site, and that tends to cause bad feelings all around.

    I know I’m not leaving as many comments as I used to.  I do scroll back as far as I can, but it takes a while and if you comment, you lose your place in the feed, and have to start over.

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