My Art Group update

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  • HI everyone
    Just to let you know due to the crisis at the moment.
    I have decided due to the age and health issues,
    It would be  wise to close the art group classes until further notice
    But I have offered ideas and exercises for them all to do and all have answered with a “yes please send  lots for us to do”.  So I still have lots of work to set out hmmm!!!
    The last couple to classes we did were to explore watercolours and how they behave on different papers and brushes, also what happens when you add salt etc to water or straight onto the paint. then  we started to mix the three primary colours,  which is one exercise I will set them at home, how. Many colours can they mix,
    So this is the last diary from my Art Group for the time being.   Hope it wont be too long before we start up again as a group.

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