My Son, John

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    The Original


    Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3


    Stage 4

    The Finished Article

    My Son, John. Really quite pleased with this. It’s recognisably him. Couple of bloopers on the way, but able to retrieve.

    An excellent portrait! I enjoyed seeing the WIP!


    Many thanks Sandra.

    Love seeing the process and great portrait!

    Great portrait and series of WIP photos.  Has he seen it yet?  I find it is most gratifying when the “model” recognizes themselves.  And, it worked!  Any way I can add on to my original photo, or do I need to start again?  In which case, can I delete the “original?”  Also, did you have a problem with all the photos showing up on Newsfeed that you needed to delete? Sorry, I am so needy with my questions.


    Unfortunately he wasn’t that happy with it. Something to do with the angle, but when he saw the original I did it from he conceded that it was a ‘reasonable’ likeness. You could try adding with text in between and see how it goes. In terms of the news feed it did seem to take up a lot of space, and I notice that there have been several good portraits which were not entered into the forum. I seriously wonder about it given the technical difficulty of posting. The other thing is it didn’t show in my folder which meant me posting again. I’m sure others were fed up of seeing my son! LOL


    Many thanks Kate. Unfortunately he didn’t!

    So, I made another attempt today, with a new name, “stages of Fatima,” in the hopes it would work (ever the optimist).  hah!  After I chose the first photo, I wrote “Stage 1” as you suggested.  When I opened the photo icon again, it was not blank, but showed the jpeg for the first photo.  I suspect this is not the way you did it.  Any suggestions?


    You’re doing it right. Did you scroll right down before repeating the process?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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