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  • I have all the information up on my blog but I’m trying to put this info in as many places in Doodlewash as possible. I know this new palette is going to be coveted, It’s filled with all the new colors (modified split primary of 12 new Schmincke watercolors) for Schmincke’s 125 birthday. There’s a lot of hype but at the moment the only link to the sign up Notification page is on my blog and I wanted Doodlewash friends to know first!

    Go here ( to learn all about the palette and to sign up for  notification on Pre-Ordering. YAY!

    Custom Schmincke Palette Colors

    I want.  Signed up.  I’ve nto used their watercolors and this is will be a good introduction.   Thank you thank you Jenn!

    Hi Kate. These are the best watercolors on the market, same quality and luminescence as Daniel Smith. I got my first tin a few years ago from wet paint when their sales manager convinced me the tin was such a great deal and they were great paint. I’m now a convert, I had planned all Daniel Smith in my palette but now half are schmincke as I just couldn’t imagine many of the colors  from anyone else. That especialy applies to Payne’s grey bluish, neutral tint, transparent orange, pure yellow etc. Seriously, I’m so thankful I bought the tin a few years ago! I would never have known what I was missing.

    Great.. Will sign up

    It’s such a GREAT deal. Good to pre-order it now if you’re serious as they don’t expect there to be any left by Christmas! They’ve already pre-sold about 100 of the 300 or so they have coming! And that’s in a couple days of the pre-order starting! Go Here to pre-order!

    Yep! I was one of those 100 that already bought mine. This is the second of these little sets that I’ve grabbed because the tin is worth the price! If you lift out the insert, you can fit 18 Schmincke full pans snugly inside. I fill those with various colors of choice.

    Not that I don’t use up the Schmincke paints that come with it. They’re excellent quality but they don’t fall under my normal favorites because these special edition sets are the only way I can afford them. Alas, when they’re gone, they’re gone… at least until the next set. 🙂

    Oh I so totally agree Tonya! The tin alone is worth it but then to get all that paint for that price is staggering. No wonder the price may be indeed going up next year. Schmincke is pushing hard as paint in general has increased so much in the past years.

    I wish I’d known about these last year but then what you don’t know won’t hurt your wallet!

    LOL! At least they do one per year so when this one sells out there will be another for 2018 (assuming this one sells like Kate thinks it will). The next one will probably be the wide one that holds 24 half pans (but filled with 12) and the price will increase to who knows what

    I preordered 😍as soon as they sent the notice!  Can’t wait to see the colors I can create with this split primary set!

    That’s awesome Thomas. I can’t wait to see everyone’s swatches!

    Looks like they are IN STOCK 🙂


    YouTube Owings Art

    Whee!  I have a package arriving tomorrow and the notice doesn’t say who it is from.  Maybe it’s my Schmincke!


    I haven’t heard from them at all but I ordered way back when. Hmmm… 🙁

    Preorders will be shipped ASAP they say on instagram 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 230 total)
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